Trading Day-By-Day To Avoid Market ‘Mess’


Simpler Trading Team

2 min read

This market keeps hinting of stabilizing to the upside… and then something upsets the momentum.

Simpler’s traders are constantly adapting to the mixed-up market that keeps leaving traders trying to gain a foothold.

This market has proven likely to flush with any news-driven hiccup and then just as suddenly reverse to the upside for anyone getting short too quickly. In this trading environment the “day-by-day” axiom applies.

Nervousness abounds among traders as internal signals and chart patterns hint at key tickers “stabilizing” below key moving averages. Movement to the upside tends to last a handful of days before lulling into this range.

This pattern has been steadily unfolding for several months.

Is this just a choppy phase in the market or a signal that bears may be gaining ground? Should traders sit on their hands or start embracing the short side?

In a choppy market like this Simpler’ traders lean into the safety of sitting on their hands and holding out as the volatile market pops and drops. Avoiding risk and protecting capital always makes sense.

This is an ideal time to update watchlists, learn more about honey badger stocks, and study resistance and support revealed by the moving averages.

Plans are to maintain limited positions, look long, and let others rush into any short plays. Otherwise, things can get messy for the accounts.

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We’re Watching: Speed, height of crypto recovery –

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  • Adjustments to active trades, staying nimble
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