No Joke… Retail Traders Rock ‘The Street’


Simpler Trading Team

May 06th 2021  .  3 min read

What happens when the “big boys” laugh and tell retail traders to “stay in their own lane?”

A collection of “rogue” traders took on big-money funds to kick off 2021 and sent GameStop stock skyrocketing. The big boys lost while “simpleton” retail traders (some were newbies) raked in profits almost at will (some lost, but many won) with this outlier stock that was on its deathbed.

This merry band of rogue retailers worked together and aimed for a big payoff. Wall Street regulars literally had no idea what hit them even as they lost millions (some estimates lean toward a billion or more).

Not even a Congressional inquiry or verbal sabre-rattling from the SEC deterred the retailers’ determination. With the GameStop win under their belt, retail traders continue to find new conquests.

And they’re not backing down to any regulatory or financial walls.

A more recent example (this trend has gained speed) is in the world of cryptocurrency.

Wall Street regulars are once again stumped as Dogecoin continues making headlines with its valuation spiking. (Bitcoin’s stellar value is a by-gone conclusion at this point.) Dogecoin highlights this new age of retail trader prowess and success in the vast stock market.

Why? Because Dogecoin was created as a joke. Now the joke’s on Wall Street.

Big money may well have lost all hope of keeping down the retail trader.

Simpler Trading has been championing this trading lifestyle for more than a decade.

We have an entire community of like-minded traders dedicated to “creating their own lane” and ignoring the “big boys.” What the market gives, we pursue.

Our team of traders focus on live-trading in the market while trading their own personal accounts. Simpler offers recorded courses, live online trading chat rooms, and specialized mastery programs. All use proven tools and strategies for rocking “the Street.”

The market has a lot to offer for those who plan, train, and trade with skill and purpose. We enjoy the laughter every time we grab our share of what the market provides.

When trading is “them vs. us,” why trade alone?

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