Mastering ‘Living Lessons’ In Trading


Simpler Trading Team

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Why do we refer to our most popular programs as “mastery?”

The idea is to follow a proven, ages-old formula for learning and growing.

The formula is that if you give a person a fish you provide food for a single day. While if you teach people how to fish, you help them feed themselves for life. 

But we don’t want traders going hungry without any fish while they are learning how to trade.

So how is it possible to enjoy a good meal (gain) along the path to learning to trade (or trading better)?

In our mastery programs we focus on helping traders learn to “fish” at their own pace while following our traders in real-time.

Mastery members participate in a community of like-minded traders with one of our team members sharing their strategies, tools, and mindset while live-trading once a month during market hours with their own money on the line.

This is the time to directly connect with a Simpler trader, ask questions to the trader and group, and “learn to fish” in real market conditions.

Membership also includes live trade alerts, special invitations to online webinars, and recordings of mastery sessions for unlimited review and study.

Who should consider mastery membership? Traders who:

  • Are struggling with this uncertain, wild, choppy market and who want to follow a veteran trader to learn strategies for steady, low-risk gains.
  • Want to get a jump-start on a proven trading strategy. Use interactive sessions with Simpler team members to get your questions answered and enjoy Q&A conversations with fellow mastery members every month. 
  • Are looking for real-time ideas through trade alerts to your mobile device when our trader identifies the next play in the market.
  • Want to know what’s working now in the market. Stay connected with this community and be among the first to know when and how the trader adapts to changing market conditions.
  • Want to trade with more confidence. There is unprecedented uncertainty in this market and knowing how to fish in these turbulent waters is more important than ever.

We believe our mastery programs can create a faster way for individual traders to take their trading efforts and plan to a higher level. Check out the programs by learning more about the traders providing mastery training.

Here is your opportunity to take advantage of these exclusive Simpler Trading programs.

We Saw: High anticipation for Big Tech after-hours earnings reports — 

  • Politicians playing to polls — spend more money
  • Nervousness over auto industry earnings results
  • Effects that follow AMZN stock split rumors

We’re Watching: Remaining plays as more earnings roll out —

  • More noisy action after day of quiet “hurry up and wait”
  • Eagerly for any dips that lead to buys
  • Setups in: PINS, AAPL, NVDA, GOOGL

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