Double-Up Opportunity In Choppy Market


Simpler Trading Team

Apr 26th 2021  .  2 min read

Often the proverbial “quick fix” to a problem is a new look at the environment you’re in or the methods used to tackle a challenge.

Every day traders face obstacles in the stock market and sometimes they’ve never faced similar challenges. This market has proven uncertain for an extended time and the constant recurrence of chop has many traders puzzles.

So how do you get a fresh view of the challenges in this market?

Try one of the newest team members at Simpler Trading.

Chandler Horton, Director of Day Trading Strategies, has delivered his personalized, fast-action solution to getting better results in this market. He has been sharing his strategies and tools regularly in the Options Gold room.

Chandler’s style focuses on setups and options strategies across multiple time frames in trending tickers.

During his free webinar, Chandler will cover:

  • Multiple case studies on high-return plays in key indexes and stocks
  • Taking advantage of quick, explosive moves in minutes
  • The single most crucial thing in trading
  • His specialized strategy for gains on low-risk setups

Traders in the Simpler online training community have discovered and praised Chandler as an insightful teacher who provides an easy-going, straight-to-the-facts learning environment.

Chandler will share how he became a full-time retail trader along with details of his methods. At every turn he works to show others how to use his strategies as a fresh look that can solve challenges in their current trading plan.

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