Lighting Strikes Trading World… Again

Simpler Trading Team

Simpler Trading Team

He’s done it… again.

John Carter set the trading world on fire last year when he introduced the trend-setting Squeeze Pro indicator.

It was his biggest trade-timing breakthrough in 15 years.

Now, lightning strikes again.

John pocketed his highest trade this year – $611,000 overnight in AMZN – during a pandemic-induced stock market crisis.

He kept the electricity going with trades worth $219,000 in NFLX and $216,000 in TSLA. He also added $1,950 profit in a $15,000 small account using carefully hedged risk – a key element of trading in the third most volatile market ever.

How did he find these electrifying trades?

With the New Multi Squeeze Pro.

John has made it clear – he has never seen anything like this in three decades of trading, or anytime before he started trading.

The New Multi Squeeze Pro simultaneously tracks 18 time frames of squeezes AND 18 time frames of histograms. This powerful tool is designed to find the cleanest of the clean setups that are happening and nail them down.

John demonstrated during multiple free, live webinars the power of this next-generation trading tool.

Sadly, those webinars have passed.

John is actively using the New Multi Squeeze Pro in several fast-moving stocks, and he’s holding an exclusive strategy class tomorrow from noon to 4p.m.

We Saw: markets positive today, down for week – 

  • Oil sees some light with third week to the upside
  • Retail numbers tanked in April
  • Rhetoric heats up in the U.S.-China trade world

We’re Watching: … risk vs. account size –

  • Avoiding FOMO with risk assessment
  • Resistance level against upside
  • Action in WORK, AAPL, SHOP, GLD, SPX

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