Be Informed When History Happens


Simpler Trading Team

Apr 20th 2020  .  3 min read

For the first time in history, oil traded below zero today.

An oversupply of crude with limited demand across the world cratered the price of West Texas Intermediate crude. May delivery imploded to -$36.73 per barrel, dropping more than 300 percent.

Traders were trapped and forced to scramble for losses to keep from taking delivery.

The dire supply vs. demand situation signals no return to any level of normalcy for years.

So how do you maintain focus when the trading life faces such a shattering event that will be required reading in future history books?

Traders are confronted with competing information about making money in the markets, and confusion is rampant on the internet these days.

From news media to market gurus to free information on how to do anything, it can be overwhelming.

All the easy access information can be a start for many traders, but ultimately – like any quality skill – the student has to be ready when the teacher appears. And, outside parental advice, skills training requires an investment of time and money.

Why? Because traders need to learn how to actually make money with the information they’re consuming.

Remember that everlasting parental guidance or words of a past coach, “You have to put in sweat equity” or “You have to have skin in the game.”

In today’s information and technology-driven world, your commitment equates to trading your money with real results – negative or positive.

It’s why all traders sharing information here at Simpler Trading use their own money.

If they’re trading oil, it’s their money on the line.

All the courses, online trading rooms, and more than a decade of educational material at Simpler revolve around a central question:

“How do you make money from all that information?”

All the information that traders consume can get complicated quickly because of all the “theoretical” tactics and strategies.

The absolute “secret” to trading is… just keep it simple.

Focus on key indicators, low-risk trade opportunities while maintaining a cash-strong account.

Sound familiar?

Bored with it?

Good. Keep on keeping it simple and eliminate any emotions that tempt you to seek out other avenues of “uncovering the holy grail of all things trading.”

Don’t trade alone. Tap into our community of active traders to take advantage of their experience and insights.

Simpler’s traders have a combined 100+ years of trading experience.

They have the market scars showing their commitment to trading and making money.

And they share insights into the markets in real-time within Simpler’s community of traders.

Like this morning in our online trading room when traders were cautioned that oil could go to zero.

The rest is history.

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We’re Watching: … how hope, emotion drive markets –

  • What opportunities arise with panicky traders
  • Can oil provide fast-moving trades for profit?
  • Will expectations of a sooner-than-later uptrend hold up?

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