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$997 Value

The New Multi Squeeze Pro / $597

Multi Squeeze Pro Indicator** + BONUS: Indicator Setup + Bonus: Lifetime Support

Reveal Hidden ‘Squeeze’ Setups Across 18 Timeframes with the Same Indicator Behind John Carter’s $5 million in TSLA Gains

Right now there’s more opportunity than ever in the market. And yet the market is moving faster than ever, too. If you want to catch the big moves you can’t be late or you’ve missed them. Truth is, it’s almost impossible to watch every stock on your watchlist in every important timeframe to spot the most explosive moves early.

That’s Why John Carter Created the New Multi Squeeze Pro.

It is designed to identify Squeeze setups across 18 timeframes and it’s been a total game changer since it was first released. It’s helped John Carter break every past profit record. It let him catch his biggest AMZN trade (so far), a monster $611,395 gain.

That trade would have been ‘hidden’ without the Multi-Squeeze Pro. This breakthrough finally makes it possible to spot ALL 3 Squeeze Pro setups across ALL 18 timeframes. This simply wasn’t possible before now (unless you painstakingly examined 18 separate charts). It means missed opportunities because no one has the time to do that.

Now imagine being able to see exactly when the strongest ‘squeezes’ are all lined up and ready to explode — at a glance. This insight is more important than ever during volatile market conditions!

With this strategy and this indicator, John recently banked $216k in TSLA, $219k in NFLX, on top of the record $611k in AMZN.

That’s Over $1,046,000 in Profits that John Might Have Missed without the New Multi Squeeze Pro!

Don’t have a big account? No problem. John also took Multi Squeeze Pro signals in his $14k ‘small account,’ and generated a quick $1,950 profit.

And FIVE $1 Million + trades in TSLA in just a few months.


We want you to have the same advantage! For a limited time, through this page you can get the New Multi-Squeeze Pro indicator plus two priceless bonuses and save. Here’s Why John Considers the New Multi Squeeze Pro a Game Changer…

Here’s what Multi Squeeze Pro is designed to do:

Identify all 3 Squeeze Pro setups across 18 timeframes — at a glance

Get in explosive moves when they start (thanks to early ‘Squeeze’ detection)

Identify intraday AND swing trades on almost any ticker

Help you avoid FOMO and confidently target ONLY the best setups

Show which Squeezes are ‘all lined up and ready to go’ (only take the best!)

Catch ‘Sneaky Squeezes’ that require a multi-timeframe perspective

With this Limited-Time Offer You Get Lifetime Support and a Powerful Bonus

Here’s what you get today…

The New Multi Squeeze Pro Indicator

The Multi Squeeze Pro indicator takes the Squeeze Pro to the next level when it comes to finding setups. For the first time, you can see when a symbol has the strongest Squeezes aligned across up to 18 timeframes. That includes ‘hidden’ timeframes most traders do not know exist! Available only for ThinkorSwim.

Quickly and easily identify 18 timeframes (long or short)

Find intraday and swing setups

Precise entry and exit rules (including early signal detection)

Trade anything with Multi Squeeze Pro: Options, Futures, Stocks, Crypto

Plots in the top left corner of your active chart and dynamically finds setups across many timeframes

Having multiple timeframes in play increases the probability that a stock will have a price expansion

Plus, You Get 2 Priceless Bonuses!


Indicator Setup with Eric Purdy


Getting your new indicators and charts set up and ready to go is quick and easy because the creator of these powerful tools, Eric Purdy, recorded a step-by-step walkthrough on how to install and use the New Multi-Squeeze Pro. This was an interactive session and Eric answered great questions from those who attended.


Plus, Lifetime Updates + Live Tech Support

Simpler Trading’s award winning technical support team will help you with any issue you may have! Call in during regular business hours and we will always be able to solve your problems through email or over the phone. Once you’re a Simpler Trader, you are for life.

Instantly Spot HUGE ‘Super-Aligned’ Breakout Squeeze Trades

Here’s what others have said about trading with John’s Squeeze Pro Trading System:


"@JC Monster day for me, taking profits and done for the week. Up 157% YTD. Thank you guys!!! Great to be part of ST!!!"

- Miguel G

"@JC _ I have made $186 k on AMZN in less than a year. Don't want to push my luck though"

- Dawn

"@JC out of 5 NFLX ratio fly ith $15k profit. Thanks for the trade"

- Deepak

"i wanna thank JC i started with $500 since nov 5th im up to $27000 thank you JC"

- Z

"@JC long SPX from 2768 on the 30 min pro squeeze - its turning my 23 point winners (old squeeze) into 50 point + winners - Love it…"

- Chuck

“John, Met you at your Mentorship class in Austin. I just wanted to tell you that the new ProSqueeze tools and class were the best ever! I really learned a lot and am looking forward to using this complete trading system. All I can say is wow! I entered CHTR yesterday and exited early today. I probably took profits too early but I’m waaay excited. Take care amigo.”

- Rob Carter


Who is John Carter?

In 1999, tired of talking to his goldfish while trading alone in his office, John Carter launched the company that’s evolved into Simpler Trading. He’s the trading expert everyone turns to when the markets go awry (as they often do), and many of our traders have taken ideas and strategies from him and morphed them into their own strategies. He’s truly one of the best with a level of charisma that draws people in, which has transformed him into the famous day trader he is today.

As for his trading strategy, it combines expert technical analysis with an overall macro, fundamental view. However, what makes him a truly fantastic mentor on top of his vast knowledge, is his ability to make you feel as though you’re talking to an old friend.

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