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Strategy Class: April 11th

Pro Live-Trading: April 14th & 16th 

Elite Live-Trading: April 21st & 22nd

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Strategy Class

Bonus: Coronavirus Trading 101
Full Bonus To Be Delivered Before Class

Bonus: TrendStrength Candles
$297 Value

2 Pro Live-Trading Days

2 Elite Live-Trading Days with John Carter



Strategy Class
Bonus: Coronavirus 101
Bonus: TrendStrength Candles
2 Pro Live-Trading Days
2 Elite Live-Trading Days with John Carter
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Strategy Class
Bonus: Coronavirus 101
Bonus: TrendStrength Candles
2 Pro Live-Trading Days
2 Elite Live-Trading Days with John Carter
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Strategy Class
Bonus: Coronavirus 101
Bonus: TrendStrength Candles
2 Pro Live-Trading Days
2 Elite Live-Trading Days with John Carter
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Basic Package / $397

Strategy Class + Coronavirus Trading 101*+ TrendStrength Candles

Saturday, April 11th, 12:00 to 4:00PM Central

During these historical market times, Danielle will reveal how the trading rules you’ve always known have completely changed (and why they had to). She will show you how she takes advantage of our new trading reality during the coronavirus crash of 2020, which consists of frequent overnight gaps, intraday volatility and momentum moves — particularly on an intraday basis. In this unprecedented market, she will teach you how she consistently turns a profit within minutes. She’ll teach you her favorite times of day in the stock market to identify huge opportunities because of the big movements (the market open and close), and how to nail these critical times like a pro. These strategies can be easily applied to both options and futures trading because it’s about learning the momentum and feel, along with the high probability patterns in the market.

*Full Bonus To Be Delivered Before Class


Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Discover in Danielle’s “Momentum Crash Course”:

How to take advantage of massive market rips that seem to come out of nowhere

What macro factors and behind the scenes moves are driving the market’s price movement right now

 How to identify momentum and nail the market open and close

Danielle’s momentum move that booked $2600 in QQQs and $5k in /NQ futures in 30 minutes 

Step-by-step guide to trading the indexes three different ways: futures, options or cash indexes

How to identify where emotion is the highest to take advantage of it, instead of getting caught up in it

BONUS: TrendStrength Candles

$297 Value!

This is a collaboration between several tools. Danielle’s candles, which populate based on price in relation to the moving averages and how the moving averages are stacked, AND the 10X Indicator, which identifies volume and momentum. This creates the perfect harmony to help identify trend + volume/momentum. Available for both ThinkorSwim and TradeStation platforms.

You’ll Also Get This Exclusive Triple Bonus:

Want an immediate download? Check out this special, pre-recorded course where Danielle explains:

  • Coronavirus Trading 101* — looking at overnight market moves
  • How she uses her understanding of macro movement as a backdrop to identifying market trends
  • Her historic ‘After the Virus’ coronavirus crash outlook
             *Full Bonus To Be Delivered Before Class

After all, patterns in the market are what we trade, but the macro backdrop is understanding what’s going on behind the curtain. We can see and identify patterns, but traders must understand the fundamental changes and ongoings behind the curtain. This includes watching the futures markets, even if you don’t trade futures. Having an understanding of futures and their movements gives you a leg up in options trading. Danielle noticed a measurable change in her options trading when she began watching the futures markets, and that’s why she wants to give you her futures/macro overview bonus. Additionally, because of the flurry of questions she’s been receiving, she’s even including a special macro section on her favorite stock buys, in her ‘After the Virus’ chapter.

Pro Package / $597

Strategy Class + 2 Pro Live-Trading Days + Coronavirus Trading 101* + TrendStrength Candles

April 14th and 16th from 8:15AM - 9:30AM and 1:30PM - 3:00PM Central

This is your opportunity to live trade this historic market with Danielle and deepen your mastery. You get to interact via chat and watch Danielle’s screen as she looks for the specific patterns she taught during the strategy portion in a live market environment. Every day in the market is unique, yet patterns repeat — be there to learn how to recognize them real time!

She’ll be trading from both an options and futures perspective during market hours. Live trading offers the fastest way to absorb and internalize your new strategy and ‘make it your own’.

*Full Bonus To Be Delivered Before Class


Best Value

Elite Package / $897

Strategy Class + 2 Pro Live-Trading Days + 2 Elite Live-Trading Days with John Carter + Coronavirus Trading 101* + TrendStrength Candles

April 21st and 22nd from 8:15AM to 9:30AM and 1:30PM to 3:00PM Central

During this very special combo, Danielle and John will live trade the markets as a team package. John brings his 30 years of experience. During his sessions, he’ll talk about how he traded 2008, and the differences we need to pay attention to now in this historic time. He’ll cover his macro take along with his unique trades in this market environment. John will transfer his take for momentum and feel to you as best as possible.

If you’d like to trade along with John, this is the ONLY package that provides you with that opportunity!

*Full Bonus To Be Delivered Before Class


Here is what fellow Simpler Trading community
members said about Danielle Shay:


“@danielleshay I have probably been in EVERY trading room there is over the last 7 years and have never had the success I have had in just a month here!! You are great.”

-  Sheri

"@danielleshay, you are the best teacher. Your honesty made me feel better that I wasn’t alone when the bad happened. Thanks thanks!"


"There once was a trader Danielle - Whose trades were exceedingly swell - She’d click with the mouse - And bring down the house - And all before the sound of the bell."


"@danielleshay - Great week - thank you Danielle. I have so much of a greater success rate with your trades (notwithstanding the beast of the market this month)"


Special Indicator Add-On Offer

Want to get the most out of this course? You can add the TurboVZO indicator that Danielle recommends to use with this specific strategy:

The TurboVZO is Danielle's favorite momentum indicator. This combo of two indicators  tells you when confirmed volume moves are happening allowing you to jump on for the ride. In addition to providing ideal entry signals, it also helps you exit trades based on the same equation. This is an ideal entry and exit indicator that’s the cherry on top of the strategy discussed in this class. The equation that’s built into this indicator came from several years of Danielle using the Volume Zone Oscillator. So she built off that formula and upgraded it with additional math to produce usable signals (while making it more user friendly).


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