The Uptrends On The Buy List

Raghee Simpler Futures

The trends are not of equal quality as December has begun. Even within tech, leaders are emerging, as well as financials. In this video I explain where and why buy the dip has the best probability.

Tuesday’s Short

Henry Gambell Fibonacci daily

Monday saw a nice break of price action that’s been especially bullish. If bears are going to have another chance to step in, this should be the level for Tuesday.

What Will It Take?

Neil Yeager Futures

What I mean is, what is a sufficient catalyst to finally cause a price discovery phase/ volatility? There are a couple potentials on the calendar this week and one of those is as soon as tomorrow.

Waiting On A Dip Buy In Microsoft

After the pullback we saw today in the Nasdaq, I am eyeing dip buys, but they haven’t triggered quite yet. Let me show you what I’m eyeing in Microsoft, and what I’d like to see to start my buy program.

December Game Plan Is To Buy

Raghee Simpler Futures

We’ve been bulls for a while and now we’re heading down the homestretch into window dressing season. Here’s what is on the radar.

Putting The Naz Under The Microscope

On Monday we discussed the Voodoo Treeline in the Nasdaq-100 and how we could assess the next direction in the index. Since, then it has wandered a little above and a little below, but closed the day right back at the level. Let’s look at the micro levels which will help identify when it finally breaks free.


Sam Shames Options Daily

Another big up week of furious short covering. Let’s review the one major signal in play into end of year.

Marking Time In AMAT

Henry Gambell Options Daily Video

The market as a whole remains extended, but at the same time is holding where it needs to. If bulls continue to lead I may not be able to buy the index, but I can find individual names that should outperform.

Planning For Powell

Neil Yeager Futures

Still in consolidation mode waiting for something to reprice this market. With Powell on deck tomorrow, maybe that’s the thing. Let’s talk through a plan of attack to see if we can take advantage of the volatility.

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