Key Level For Fed

Sam Shames Options Daily

Next week will see three rate decisions by Fed, ECB, and BoJ… but the real story is the markets at or near their .618 levels. The monthly charts imply higher, but the .618 is the most important level to test so far.

Expiration Considerations

Henry Gambell Fibonacci daily

As we head into next week we’ve got to remember the witching expiration and some of the nuances we may see around it.

Strategies For Becoming A Good Loser

Raghee Simpler Futures

This was a tough week. Yes, we suffered some losses. We don’t spend enough time discussing this skill set… how to become a good loser. What are the elements of becoming a good loser? What does that even mean? There are strategies for minimizing losses, and although not as great a feeling as winning, we need to understand and use some rules in regard to trades that simply did not go as we had hoped they would. Knowing how to keep the losses small and avoid blowing up accounts are just the beginning of the strategies that will increase your odds of becoming a good loser.

How We Keep Rallying

Henry Gambell Options Daily Video

It’s hard to think that stock prices could continue to rally, but they could. I’m not saying straight up, but this is the rotation to look for if indexes are to maintain these levels.

Gold Setting Up

Neil Yeager Futures

Tonight I’ll walk us through a trade setup that I like and this time it is Gold that’s getting ready. The SPX is so quiet that I thought we would consider shifting gears.

New Highs?

Bruce Marshall Options Daily Video

In this video, we analyze the general upswing in the market accompanied by a decrease in the VIX. The market appears to be in a positive state, experiencing a reasonably widespread rally as we approach the previous year’s peak around the 4300 level. The VIX indicates a further upward movement, but considering our current position, we are already stretched. So, what lies ahead for us? Will the events of the upcoming week serve as the catalyst to determine our next direction?

Let’s Review UBER & SHOP

Kody Ashmore, Options

UBER & SHOP recently have had some big moves and the Small Account Mentorship participated in both setups. Let’s break these setups down.

Does The S&P Break 4300?

Raghee Simpler Futures

Here’s the path to the level that traders are watching closely. What will it take and what do traders need to watch? Also, what related trades will set up in the wake of that move?

AAPL Hits a New, All-Time High: Buy the Rumor, Sell the News

Apple has made a new, all-time high off of the backs of multiple squeezes plus a news-related move into the developers conference. However, what occurs after big moves, especially news-related ones, is generally a pullback. In this video, I am going to demonstrate how I set up a bearish butterfly to participate in the ‘sell the news’ part of the move.

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