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Phoenix Finder

How to Use the Phoenix Finder

Stock traders who can find high-quality stocks do so with indicators. An indicator will simply read the stock’s technical and analytical information provided by the trader and determine how that particular stock will perform in the future. Of course, some indicators are better than others as there are two types of indicators traders can use

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Butterfly Options Strategy

The butterfly options strategy is a classic favorite at Simpler Trading. The ability to establish multiple strike targets streamlines the risk-to-reward process. But, what is a butterfly strategy? To break it down, a butterfly is a neutral, multi-leg setup that combines bullish and bearish spreads. The butterfly options strategy can be used in all markets. Traders who can

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swing trading 3

What is Swing Trading

If you trade in the market, you’re either a trader or an investor. However, in this day and age and with the technology available to traders, you can also be both. Aside from buying and holding stocks long-term, there are many different ways to gain excellent profits in the short term, and traders do so

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Buying power feature image

What is Buying Power

Though we are in modern times, we are experiencing more of the same type of events in our history and their effects on buying power. Overseas conflicts and a worldwide pandemic are factors contributing to our current economy. Data provided by the U.S. Labor Department published on March 10 of this year says that as

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Why Trade Credit Spreads

How To Trade Credit Spreads

Nothing in the stock market is immune to risk but traders may have found one of the safest ways to trade options, and that would be through credit spreads. Option Credit spreads are a valuable way for traders to generate income in the world of options trading.  The only real drawback to credit spreads is

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Conservative Options Strategies

How to Trade Debit Spreads

Traders get into the options market for a variety of reasons and most want to take advantage of the leverage that options provide. Out of my years that were spent teaching traders, in addition to my own adventure into options, I’ve come to know and love trading debit spreads in the options market.   It’s a

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