/ZB Better Start Rallying

2023-09-19 / Chris Brecher

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With the bond market still getting spanked, stocks still have had much of a sell-off. But if bonds have another leg down, equity markets could tumble to the June lows.

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Chris Brecher

After 8 successful years on the Chicago Board Options Exchange floor, Chris Brecher realized that electronic trading was making more money than floor trading. He left the floor to work for a NYC day trading firm. While Chris was both opening offices and training the traders, he still managed to be in the top 5 out of 800 traders for all 9 years he was with the firm. When the firm was taken over in 2003, he decided to trade from home. Since 2003, Chris has traded on his own, opened his own trading educational site, and worked as a content provider for Simpler Trading.

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