Index Rollovers, Metal Uptrends, and Currencies

The major positions we are managing continue to be Nasdaq, Nikkei, S&P, gold, dollar, euro … but there are some new names we’ll be adding to the watchlist. Learn where I am pulling these names from, and how you can do it, too, and what I plan to do with these trends. The Spreadsheet of … Read more

The Internal That Called It?

It’s been a volatile week with a solid turn to the upside. Which internal called this move? What are we looking for tomorrow?

Gold, Euro, Dollar, and Nasdaq

Will the equities market roll over the 1st day of September? Profit taking after an end-of-month rip. If it does: Happy Birthday to me. Gold treated us well today, as many of you enjoyed a 20+ point win. What’s next? Dollar-Gold will make for an interesting push-pull. Here’s what’s on my radar for tomorrow, and … Read more

Keeping it Basic

There’s a lot to be said for sticking to a basic set of criteria for your trades. We’ve had great performance from two previous names we’ve covered here; let’s look at setting up a third.

Navigating the Nasdaq

Stock indexes saw another move higher today and the case for resistance is becoming tough to argue. I’m going to get a little back to basics in tonight’s newsletter and cover some of the tools that have provided the best current setups.

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