Bullish In April?

2023-03-16 / Jack Roberts

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Today is a bit of a review on why I am bullish with the /ES printing above 3950, and why this sets us up for a longer term bullish situation for April. Also, I discuss the importance of the Voodoo Lines and why 4100 in /ES could really just be the beginning.

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Jack Roberts

Hailing from the small town of West, Texas, Jack brings a light-hearted composure to Simpler Trading. A composure only maintained through almost two decades of trading and a solid grasp on trader psychology. Jack has a special relatability factor in the room — a characteristic that’s made many members feel right at home with his easy going mentality and thirst for knowledge. He tackles complex ideas in a way which allows for traders of all experience levels to understand, while taking a more humorous and entertaining approach of explanation. He’ll be the first to tell you that you never stop learning as a trader – that’s the only way to get better! After all, that’s what started his path to becoming a full-time trader.

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