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Join Us for the Trade the Election 2016 Strategy Session & Live Trading Intensive

Get Ready to Exploit Volatility and Manage Risk During the Most Dramatic Presidential Election in Modern History

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Basic Package

Interactive Strategy Session

On this exclusive training, John Carter & Raghee Horner will share their preferred setups and trading plans.

Saturday, October 15th
from 11am - 5pm Central

Bonus: Unlimited Online Access to Interactive Session Recordings

$497 ($994 Value) add to cart
includes election coverage

Professional Package

Interactive Strategy Session +
4 Live Trading Days

Watch the markets in real-time, look for high probability setups, and interact online directly with John and Raghee as they trade.

October 15th, 18th, 20th, &
Election Day: Nov. 8th & 9th

Bonuses: 4 Days of Live Trading & Unlimited Online Access to Interactive Session Recordings

$997 ($3,285 Value) add to cart

Reserve your spot to join John Carter and Raghee Horner

With so much ‘scared money’ sitting on the sidelines ahead of the election, global markets are poised to make explosive moves before, during, and after the vote. This is your invitation to get ‘war room’ access on Saturday October 15th as two seasoned pros prepare for this extraordinary event. You also can choose to participate in 4 live-trading sessions on October 18th and 20th (before and after the final debate), and our historic Election 2016 Live-Trade marathon on November 8th and 9th.

Here's just some of what's included:

  • Prepare to Exploit Market Euphoria or Panic: No one knows who will win, but global markets may react dramatically either way. This interactive ‘intensive’ is designed to help you spot opportunities and manage risk as this event unfolds. We will have a special focus on Futures, Currencies and Options, but Stocks and ETFs will be included so that all major trading platforms can be used.
  • Understand What’s Happening: This election has the potential to trigger a seismic shift in market trends. Those who aren’t prepared could risk getting blindsided by the volatility. Instead of trading solo, now you can get the inside scoop from two pros who’ve participated in just about every election over the past 25 plus years.
  • Tools for Trading the Tsunami: Due to the unusual market conditions, some popular strategies are likely to fail. Raghee and John will reveal which tools they plan to use to achieve their goal of turning intense volatility into windfall profits, and which ones they will avoid.
  • The Derivatives Powder Keg: With a possible $15 billion fine from U.S. regulators hanging over Deutsche Bank, the fate of one of Europe’s largest financial institutions hangs in the balance. It is estimated that DB holds an estimated $70 TRILLION in derivatives. The next U.S. administration may determine the ultimate outcome, so this ONE stock could become a catalyst for a move up or down.
  • Strategies for Intraday and Swing Trading: John and Raghee will explore strategies that can apply to a wide range of charts and account sizes, so this class is appropriate for both full and part-time traders.
  • Anything Could Happen: With great risk comes great opportunity. Stepping into the fray when the markets react to breaking news is a bold move and trading involves risk of loss on the tames days. Volatile conditions require years of experience to read the markets in real-time, so many traders will miss out. That’s why choosing the Professional Package is a unique opportunity because the Simpler Team has a combined 200 years of trading under their belt. When you sign up, you can get up-to-the-minute updates during 4 live sessions as we look for high probability setups. Whether you spectate or trade, this live-trading experience should be unforgettable.
  • Specific Setups for Whippy Conditions: For the first time,  John will share his specific strategies and setups for the whippy conditions that can be expected during intense election day conditions.

The Trade the Election Basic Package

Interactive Strategy Class $497

This special strategy session is scheduled from 11am to 5pm Central on October 15th with John Carter and Raghee Horner of Simpler Forex.

You’ll discover the 2016 ‘Trade the Election Strategy’ based on the specific strategies John and Raghee have developed for trading extreme conditions over the last 25 years. On this exclusive training, they’ll share their preferred setups and trading plans.

The focus will include opportunities around the world because this election could set off a global chain reaction. John and Raghee will reveal which specific symbols they’re watching and why. Whether you trade stocks, bonds, options, oil, gold, currencies, or any other instrument, you don’t want to miss this.

Bonus: Special Currency Essentials Session ($197 Value)
This session is from 10am to 11am on Saturday, October 15th. You don’t have to know everything about Forex to take advantage of the anticipated moves in currencies. Raghee Horner will show you what you need to know to get the most out of this experience.

Bonus: Receive Futures 101 ($300 Value)
In this one hour presentation, Neil Yeager will covers the basics of futures trading. So even for the brand new investor, you will walk away with a solid futures foundation.

Bonus: Unlimited Online Access to Interactive Session Recordings ($497 Value)
Usually available within 24 hours and you get unlimited access to watch the recordings as many times as you want for future reference.

Today just $497 ($994 Value)

Trade the Election Professional Package

The Interactive Strategy Session Plus 4 Live Trading Days: $997

Attend the Trade the Election Interactive Strategy Session on Saturday October 15th and you’re eligible to join John Carter and Raghee Horner for TWO Live Trading days on October 18th and 20th. Note: You get two more trading days as a bonus (see below)

We’ll watch the markets together in real-time and look for high probability setups. You’ll be able to apply what you learned in the strategy class and interact online directly with John and Raghee as they trade their setups.

Our informal goal for this is to make enough during the live trading to pay for your entire class. Even though we’ve succeeded in many of our past classes, we can’t make any guarantees of any kind.

A critical element of successful trading is to know when NOT to trade. So in the unlikely event that there are no setups, we’ll have the opportunity dive even deeper into the Trade the Election strategies and answer your questions.

We believe this is an ideal opportunity to take your trading to the next level and get interactive feedback and education during market hours.

Bonus: Get everything in the Basic Package. ($994 Value)

Bonus: Unlimited Online Access Recordings of the Live Trading Sessions ($997 Value)
Usually available within 24 hours and you get unlimited access to watch the recordings as many times as you want for future reference.

Bonus: Trade November 8th AND 9th with John Carter and the Simpler Trading Team ($497 Value)

Trade November 8th and 9th with John Carter and the Simpler Trading Team

The evening of the election could be one of the most interesting trading opportunities that we’ll see in years. If past elections are any guide, we expect to see markets react as the polls close.

To capture the full experience, John Carter and the Simpler team will offer real-time commentary and live-trade any setups that form.

We’ll kick things off at 12:00 pm Central on Election Day (November 8th) and then return at 7pm for an evening session as the voting results come in. This special interactive session will continue as the evening unfolds. There is no predetermined ‘end time’.

The, the second session will include the cash session on November 9th so we can trade the market reaction to the election the next day.

This could be a truly unforgettable experience and you are invited to attend as part of the Trade the Election Professional Package. Online access to recordings of the event will be provided.

Today just $997 ($3,285 Value)

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