Using Custom Alert Sounds In Thinkorswim®

2016-12-13 | Eric Purdy

A question that seems to come up with frequent regularity in the Simpler Trading Options Gold Chat Room is that of using custom alert sounds in thinkorswim. I use a custom high and low $TICK alert sound on my system to distinguish them from the myriad of other audio alerts ringing, chiming, or dinging.

The process is relatively simple but somewhat buried within the alert setup process. Before we begin, you will need an appropriate sound file in either a .wav or .mp3 format. You can find these fairly readily on the net and I’ve used the custom text to speech site ( to generate some of my specific spoken audio alerts.

It is important to save the sound file to a location on your hard drive that is both easy to find but also permanent. If you move the file after adding it to TOS, the application will no longer be able to find it. I stick my files within the thinkorswim folder itself.

To begin, you will need to go through the process of setting up an alert. I usually right click on the chart and select “Create alert”. Hidden toward the bottom of the alert window are the options for the alert.

1) Click the > next to “Notify with” to expand the options:

thinkorswim custom alert settings 1st step

2) You will need to scroll down using the scroll bar on the right to actually see all the options:

thinkorswim custom alert settings 2nd step
3) From the Play Sound option, click the dropdown which defaults to the Bell sound and scroll to the bottom. Choose “Edit custom sounds”.

thinkorswim custom alert settings 3rd step
4) Click the button to Change any of the nine custom sounds available. This will open a standard file browser which will allow you to navigate to the location on your hard drive where you saved the sound file. Select the file and press Open. Finally click Save to complete the process of adding the custom sound file to TOS.

thinkorswim custom alert settings 4th step

You can now select your custom sound any time you set up a new alert. It will be available in the dropdown menu along with the four built in sounds as long as you don’t move the sound file from its original location.

thinkorswim custom alert settings 5th step