Customizing Your Chart Appearance In Thinkorswim®

2016-11-04 | Eric Purdy

I get asked often enough about how I set up my charts that I thought I would create a quick infographic of the process. The default black background color scheme in thinkorswim (TOS) is simply too harsh on my eyes for extended periods of time. I find a white background to be better but ultimately settled on the combination you see below as most suitable for my taste. The process is relatively straightforward and can be accessed through the Style menu. All the colors I’m using are from the default drop down palette but you can use the other colors available as well. You will need to further check the General tab for the “Overlap Volume” option as well as each individual tab for Equities, Options, and Futures to ensure “Show volume subgraph” is checked.

customizing chart appearance in TOS