What is a Short Float

What is a Short Float?

Before diving into a discussion on the short float, it’s essential to know what “short” and “float” means. Investors buy “long” when they think a stock price will increase or “sell short” when they believe a stock price will decline. A short position closes out when the trader “covers,” which means buying at a lower … Read more

Three is a Magic Number

One of the most important signals driving today’s market is one you may not be familiar with. Most traders begin their technical trading with daily charts. Then they branch off into intraday or weekly, maybe even monthly charts. One that’s not so often discussed is a 3-day chart. 3 is a magic number for a … Read more

My Favorite Swings

My Favorite Swings (and Bikes)

In this post: How long you should hold swing trades? What is a difference in holding a position for a day vs. holding for 3 months? What can you gain when you stop fearing losing money? One topic that’s seen a fair amount of conversation here lately is how long you should hold swing trades. … Read more