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Have Questions? Call us at 512.266.8659

Voodoo Mastery Program

Get Instant Alerts and Monthly Live-Trading Sessions with Henry Gambell and David Starr


Discover their Secret to Precise Trades

Henry and David are known as the Voodoo Masters due to their astonishing track record. Initially, David Starr created the Voodoo Lines more than 10 years ago. Henry Gambell began trading options around the same time and the Voodoo Lines became an integral part of his success.

And now for the first time, Henry and David are offering a program to help traders master the art and science of using the Voodoo Lines to “map out the market”. To accelerate the process as much as possible, they’re sharing their exact options setups in real-time exclusively with Voodoo Mastery members.

When you become a member today, you can follow Henry and David’s precise trades while learning to master the Voodoo Lines at your own pace. In addition, they’re doing an online monthly live-trading session plus interactive Q&A as well.

The Mastery Program Includes:

Live Trading

Once per month members get to join Henry and David in an online group live-trading session

Push Alerts

Between sessions, you get Henry and David’s “Voodoo Mastery” real-time trade alerts

Trade Spreadsheet

Follow along with updated trades to see what Henry and David have open and when

Who This Program Is For?

The goal of Voodoo Mastery is to show members how to identify high probability directional and spread trades (most often Henry and David will choose a Butterfly). Because they are finding and constructing the trades, this Mastery program can be appropriate for active options traders of almost any experience level. This Mastery is ideal for anyone who’s looking to find high probability entries and exits without having to learn through trial and error.

Struggling with risk? Take advantage of how Henry and David combine precise entry and exit targets based on the Voodoo Lines with well-planned options setups.

Want to learn their strategy? ou get a monthly live-trading session with Henry, David, and fellow Mastery members. Use these interactive sessions to get your questions answered.

Want real-time trade ideas? Get instant push alerts to your mobile device when Henry and David enter and exit “Voodoo Mastery” trades.

What’s working now?? Stay connected with the Voodoo Mastery community and be among the first to know when Henry and David adapt to changing market conditions.

Want to trade with more confidence? Now you can leverage Henry and David’s years of experience trading options combined with the precision of the Voodoo Lines.

Live Trading Sessions Schedule:

The Third Tuesday of Every Month, 8:20am – 12pm in Central Time Zone

July 20th

8:20AM to 12PM

August 24th

8:20AM to 12PM

September 21st

8:20AM to 12PM

October 19th

8:20AM to 12PM

November 23rd

8:20AM to 12PM

December 21st

8:20AM to 12PM

January 25th

8:20AM to 12PM

February 22nd

8:20AM to 12PM

March 22nd

8:20AM to 12PM

April 19th

8:20AM to 12PM

May 24th

8:20AM to 12PM

June 21st

8:20AM to 12PM

Take advantage of these exclusive, monthly live-trading sessions because this is the fastest way to take your results to the next level.

This is your opportunity to follow Henry and David’s Voodoo Mastery strategy in real-time. We believe there’s no better way to deepen your mastery of this precise method than to interact with them and watch their screens as they look for high-probability setups. As always, our informal goal is to make enough profit from the trades in each session to more than pay for the Mastery Program (obviously, no promises). If you love live-trading with Henry and David as our existing members do, take advantage of this invitation and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Something to keep in mind: Even if you cannot attend all of the above sessions LIVE you’ll have access to all recordings to watch at your own convenience.

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Here is what fellow Simpler Trading community members said about Henry and David:

“@henrygambell I made my month and then some in the past week with your trade ideas! Thank you Henry for doing such a great job in teaching us!”


“Henry - cannot adequately tell you how dramatically you have helped me improve - am long only equities - your style of analysis, depth of knowledge and history have been invaluable to me! Deeply grateful!”

- Anne Fortune

“Henry and David, the Simpler Trading group is really top notch. I have been subscriber to other groups but have found in the last year that this group is by far the best in performance but also commitment to customers. Thanks so much”


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