Gamma Squeeze

How a Gamma Squeeze Works

When actively trading in the market, serious traders love to see a solid short squeeze to trade. But, have you ever wondered if there are other squeezes that traders can look for in the market? And the answer to that question is yes, and it’s known as a gamma squeeze. A gamma squeeze is a … Read more

Stock Market

Stock Analyst Ratings and What They Mean

Stock analyst ratings are helpful to traders and investors as they convey how professional analysts feel about the future performance of a stock. Simpler traders use several methods to consider stocks that outperform the broader market and the S&P 500 – including analyst ratings. Even before traders bring out their technical analysis tools, the positive … Read more

Dark Pool Trading

Dark Pool Trading

Dark pool trading may sound mysterious, taboo, and pretty awesome to the average trader. But, when dark pools were created, that wasn’t the reputation it wanted to garner. However, dark pool trading is an incredible and effective trading strategy, but there’s nothing mysterious or taboo about it; it’s a lot less dramatic than traders think. … Read more

Phoenix FInder

How to Use the Phoenix Finder

Stock traders who can find high-quality stocks do so with indicators. An indicator will simply read the stock’s technical and analytical information provided by the trader and determine how that particular stock will perform in the future. Of course, some indicators are better than others as there are two types of indicators traders can use … Read more

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How Many Stock Trading Days in a Year

One overlooked piece of the trader’s tool chest can immediately transform chaos into an organized, well-constructed environment, and it’s as simple as a trading calendar. Traders at Simpler Trading may focus on trending stocks, volume, and momentum – but traders who have financial goals for their portfolios should know how many stock days they have … Read more


Butterfly Options Strategy

The butterfly options strategy is a classic favorite at Simpler Trading. The ability to establish multiple strike targets streamlines the risk-to-reward process. But, what is a butterfly strategy? To break it down, a butterfly is a neutral, multi-leg setup that combines bullish and bearish spreads. The butterfly options strategy can be used in all markets. … Read more

Futures feature image

Day Trading Futures

Regarding popular trading methods, it doesn’t get any more popular than Day Trading. Day trading occurs when traders buy and sell securities within the same trading day.  However, day trading is fast-acting execution that can last a few minutes to a few hours, but the trade is over before the end of the trading session. … Read more

What is Swing Trading feature image

What is Swing Trading

If you trade in the market, you’re either a trader or an investor. However, in this day and age and with the technology available to traders, you can also be both. Aside from buying and holding stocks long-term, there are many different ways to gain excellent profits in the short term, and traders do so … Read more

Stock Scanners feature image

How to Scan for stocks

Research and information are one of the most critical aspects to finding the best stocks in the market. But, it’s impossible to look at every stock available in the market because there are thousands of companies, small and large, trading in the market. So, how do traders find stocks that have potential? Luckily for traders, … Read more

Buying power feature image

What is Buying Power

Though we are in modern times, we are experiencing more of the same type of events in our history and their effects on buying power. Overseas conflicts and a worldwide pandemic are factors contributing to our current economy. Data provided by the U.S. Labor Department published on March 10 of this year says that as … Read more