Pivots – Configure on Tradestation

Simpler Trading Team

Setup and Install pivot points on Tradestation.


Please note ST_Pivots are may not be fully compatible with Tradestation 10.

Once you install the ST_Pivots on Tradestation, make sure you set the display chart (the main chart window) to link with the 3 reference charts on the left side of the screen.

The charts on the left are set to daily, weekly and monthly time frames and the pivots in the main window reference these in order to display your pivots. Do not close the daily, weekly or monthly charts.

If you are using the Pivots as the “TTM_Pivots”
A companion study, called TTM_Prior may be installed from the installation wizard as well. This is a helper file only. 

If you purchased the pivots indicator as TTM_Pivots, please feel free to send an email to [email protected] and request the updated version of the pivots indicator now called ST_Pivots.

It is not necessary with the current ST_Pivots to install the TTM_Prior as a separate indicator.

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