Joe Rokop

Managing Director of Commodities & Equities

Joe Rokop

“Learning to trade is a combination of being exposed to new ideas plus practical experience while watching the markets on a day-to-day basis. Trading is not something that can happen in only a few weeks, it takes the right trader paired with a dedicated mentor!”

Who is Joe?

Joe Rokop is one of Simpler Trading’s Senior Content Providers, Commodities and Equities Trader, and Futures Specialist. He has experience in both the commercial and proprietary sectors. In the past fifteen years, he’s been focused on trading commodities, indexes, and equities through futures, options, and OTC derivatives.

Joe started his trading career directly out of college on the floor of the New York Mercantile exchange clerking in the crude oil and natural gas pits. This experience gave Joe a leg up on most retail traders as he developed skills on the trading floor which transferred onto the screen. He gained an intimate understanding of market flow and volume, broker and institutional trading styles, and various arbitrage strategies.

After the volume on the trading floor died down, Joe transitioned to electronic markets and over the counter trading. He executed algorithmic and high-frequency trading strategies while also taking a fundamental view. Since Joe understands when the computers are taking over, he knows when you shouldn’t use your typical trading strategies or setups. This pattern recognition can keep you out of losing trades.

Joe has also established a comprehensive understanding of the crude and crude product fundamental suite. Since crude oil is a high-demand global commodity, all economic news and events in various market sectors must be analyzed and applied to these trades. His experience as an active trader, as well as his prior experience in a corporate setting, means he’s developed an in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing global marketplace.

Joe holds dual degrees in Industrial Enterprise System Engineering and Business Systems Integration and Consulting from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Outside of this, Joe enjoys soccer and practicing yoga. He believes the physical and mental benefits of yoga have helped his psychology within the trading space and recommends this for all retail traders.

His specialties? Trading, mentoring, and coaching; OTC trade negotiation, risk management, networking, market analysis, engineering, and business consulting — just to name a few.

His main goal at Simpler Trading is to help others become better traders and realize better results. He genuinely enjoys sharing his experiences, passing on his extensive knowledge, and coaching his clients towards the achievement of their goals.

Where can I find Joe at Simpler?

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