Danielle (Shay) Gum

Director, Options Trading

If you’re working hard to follow our traders and you’re feeling a bit stuck, come ready with your questions. Whether you’re a new or seasoned trader, Danielle will address your questions of how to understand and apply our strategies here at Simpler Trading.

A little bit about Danielle:

Danielle became interested in options trading in 2013, when her father introduced Simpler Options to her. At the time, she was teaching elementary school, but wanted to work from home and take care of her newborn son. Knowing absolutely nothing about the markets, she took her first class and on advanced options strategies and account management taught by John Carter. This class caught her interest and she was hooked ever since. From that day forward, she vowed that she would become a full-time trader. She took every class John and his trading team taught, and read every book she could get her hands on.

Fast forward four years later, and she is the Technical Analyst and New Trader Specialist at Simpler Trading. You can find her in the Live Trading Chatroom several times a week, hosting her session called 'Trading it Simpler' where she focuses primarily on directional strategies for smaller accounts. She also teaches weekly after-hours member webinars called the 'What Just Happened' series, that focuses on ensuring our new members can learn and apply our Simpler Strategies - and help them understand, 'What Just Happened.'

Trader Profile: Expert Technical Analyst / Conservative / Swing Trader / Options Expert/ Prefers Simple Options Strategies / Directional / Loves Fibonacci / Trend Follower

Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity

Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity

"The key is to understand the game, and then work continually to put the odds in your favor.” – JC

Trading options is a race against time, with time being an undeniable factor that you absolutely want on your side. 

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Danielle Shay's SSRG 

I am a conservative trader, and focus on creating a constant stream of income for myself through the selection of trend-following and directional plays. While trading short term, directional options strategies is aggressive, I do this with a more conservative take by trading with a small account.

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Earnings Season

Earnings Season

Earnings season is upon us, and I know many of our traders will be trading it! As you probably know, earnings trades can be more unpredictable than normal. So how do our traders do it? By minimizing risk and aiming for high probability setups using their unique own analysis and strategies.

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