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With Henry Gambell, Options Trading

Strategy Class: May 2nd, 12pm – 4pm Central
LIVE Trading Day 1: May 6th, 1pm – 3pm Central
LIVE Trading Day 2: May 12th, 1pm – 3pm Central
LIVE Trading Day 3: May 15th, 8:30am – 10:30am Central

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Here is what fellow Simpler Trading members said
about trading with Henry Gambell:


“@henrygambell you are the best trader I have ever seen. your knowledge and patience is impeccable.”

- Saurabh

"@henrygambell thanks as always for all the gems in your sessions. I haven't been able to always be here because of day job and family but when i am, you make it worthwhile."


"@henrygambell thanks for the Tesla $600 calls idea up 530%"


"@henrygambell I started the week with a 35k position in AMZN made good money and took my original stake off the table and rolled the profits into new delta 70's. So far I'm up 500K for the week some of which is attributed to NFLX. Your analysis this morning reassured me to keep the position thanks, dinner is on me."


Who is Henry Gambell?

Henry is known as the absolute “zen master” when it comes to trading. He provides the cool, calm, and collected side of trading — a side most traders struggle with for years. His patient, analytical approach to the market is what makes him invaluable as the Lead Content Provider and Options Trading Mentor here at Simpler.

Henry began his career as an IT professional with Geek Squad, and as luck (or fate) would have it, he landed at John Carter’s door to help with a tech issue one day in 2010. John knew right away, Henry’s calm demeanor would be fantastic for trading. So Henry eventually became John’s first protege. Perhaps because of Henry’s passion for playing poker, he was immediately drawn to trading. Soon he transitioned from computer tech to helping John run Simpler Trading back in the early days when the office was run out of an apartment.


Fast forward to today, Henry is the Vice President of Simpler Trading and can be found in the Live Trading Chatroom. He has a knack for breaking down hard to understand macro topics to a finite, easy to digest, micro level. During his sessions, he focuses heavily on scanning for new setups, managing open trades, and patiently and methodically walking traders through new trade ideas.

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