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This Halloween we’re resurrecting a hand-picked selection of classic Simpler Trading courses from our vault. You may not have heard of these timeless trainings because they’ve been locked away from our store.

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John Carter’s Spy on the Big Money


Reg. $997

In this course, Founder of Simpler Trading, John Carter reveals how he’s caught some of the biggest ‘Grand Slam’ moves of the year. The goal of this course is to teach specific entry and exit strategies that take advantage of the extraordinary profit potential in using correlations to time asset rotation in select ETFs. 

Discover exactly how to catch ‘Grand Slam’ setups by learning the “tell-tale” signs that an extraordinary move may be forming. Discover John’s simple formula for getting in early with specific, low-risk setups. You’ll learn when to use Leverage ETF Options to cash in on explosive trends. You’ll even find out how John catches the extraordinary moves that most traders only see in hindsight.


John Carter and Raghee Horner’s Recipes for Day Trading Futures


Reg. $997

If you’re looking to discover the time-tested strategies John Carter, Raghee Horner, and the rest of the Simpler Team use to identify potentially profitable intraday Futures trades… this is the course for you. Our veteran traders will explain some of the solid setups that the Simpler Team has refined for 20 years. 

Get ready to crank out consistent weekly profits with 5 “tried and true” setups. You’ll also learn to understand the market internally, which will help you find the best time to buy, sell, or stay out.


Bruce Marshall’s Bread and Butter Butterflies Course


Reg. $197

If you’re looking to improve your risk/reward ratio, or you’re not able to devote large amounts of time sitting watching the charts, Bruce Marshall may be just the trader for you. But don’t worry if you’re an experienced trader, this course could provide the new idea that you’ve been looking for to add to your trading toolkit. 

This course aims to provide you with a step-by-step checklist of how to put on the trade and take the trade off so you know exactly what to do. This butterfly strategy works on any size account and can help you save on commissions. The goal of this course is to have you walking away with an understanding of how and WHY this trade works every month, so you can confidently execute the trade in the future. 


Allison Ostrander and Jack Roberts’ The Long Game


Reg. $597

Allison Ostrander and Jack Roberts have teamed up to show you how they determine profitable entry and exit points for longer-term swing trades. With the help of Allison’s 25% ‘position sizing’ rule, you can limit risk and manage your account. Our traders will teach you not only how to create your trading plan, but also how to stick with your plan in order to be successful. 

Allison and Jack’s strategy combines technical setups with fundamental data to select stocks and time trades precisely… which can be especially helpful during hectic earnings seasons. Some of these trades have hit profit targets in a matter of days, while others can last a few weeks before profit targets are reached.

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Bruce Marshall’s Adaptive Income Method


Reg. $297

Is it time to adapt your trading style to the current market? This may be the course for you! In the markets, a trader can either swing for the fences or swing for base-hits. Everyone likes a home run but in markets, much like in baseball, base-hits win games. It’s all about consistent, steady winners over time. And that’s exactly how our Director of Options and Income Trading, Bruce Marshall, builds his accounts with the help of his Adaptive Income Method. 

In this course, Bruce demonstrates how to adapt your trading style to fit the current market using specific indicators (which Raghee Horner guides you through at the beginning of the course). In addition, Bruce dives deep into how and when to use directional butterfly trades using the indicators, and how to manage the trades once you’re in them. This course wraps up with a Q&A session to help you fully understand the ins and outs of this method.

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 4.12.27 PM
Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 4.09.42 PM

The Fibonacci Series: Henry’s Gambell’s Options Lab


Reg. $297

In this course, Henry Gambell demonstrates why Fibonacci is considered to be such a powerful trading tool. Basic Fibonacci tools allow you to identify price levels more accurately. Henry relies on basic Fibonacci tools for consistency and greater confidence in his trading decisions, and now he wants to help you add them to your trading. 

Henry’s goal is to show you exactly how he plans options trades with simple Fibonacci tools, and then he provides you with an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned. He’ll show you how to spot hidden support and resistance levels on almost any chart. Additionally this course covers utilizing short vertical spreads on equities, conservative strategies to play bullish stocks, and more.

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 4.19.55 PM
Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 4.32.27 PM

TG Watkins' Quickstart to Precision Trading


Reg. $197

If you want a conservative, low-risk way to earn consistent weekly profits, this course is worth your time and energy. Our Director of Stocks, TG Watkin’s, #1 trading tool is the Moxie Indicator™ within his Moxie Indicator™ Method System. He established this system through a professional career of devoting himself to unlocking the secret to trading with precision and accuracy. In order to achieve his trading goals, TG needed to lay a strong foundation in understanding the markets and himself. 

The tools TG covers in this course can be applied to trade stocks, options, or even futures. He also provides a systematic approach to trading with a calm, clear, and objective outlook - regardless of market conditions. Discover how TG achieved balance in his life as a trader - both personally and professionally. Every trader has something to gain from this course, regardless of experience level.

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 3.57.50 PM
Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 3.54.58 PM
Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 3.54.08 PM

Raghee Horner’s Shockwave Setups


Reg. $397

In this course, you’ll learn how to trade chain reactions in global currencies. The election of President Trump triggered shockwaves in markets around the world (including major U.S. stocks). Large institutions, governments, and Central Banks scrambled to adapt to policy shifts which set off chain reactions. If you follow a few simple strategies, you’ll come to see that these volatile moves represent an incredible opportunity. But most traders missed out because they didn’t know how currencies impact global markets (including major U.S. stocks). 

Join 30+ trading veteran Raghee Horner for a timely, in-depth training on sane ways to profit from global chaos. You’ll learn how to find low-risk, high-reward setups (even with extreme volatility), how to precisely target tomorrow’s ‘Hot Zones’ over 68% of the time, and how to avoid costly mistakes when trading volatile currency reactions.


Danielle Shay’s 7 Stocks to Success


Reg. $197

If you’ve been around Simpler Trading for a while you’ve heard our VP of Options, Danielle Shay, talk about her 3 hours/day, 4 days/week work (trading) schedule. Well now she’s put the formula for that work schedule together just for you in this recorded course! This trading strategy takes advantage of one of a trader’s best (and worst) enemies - theta decay. In this course, Danielle shows you how to use theta decay and a calendar to achieve slow, steady gains. 

This is the same trading strategy that allowed Danielle to quit her full-time job and support her newborn son from the comfort of her own home. It’s a true “starter” course, but don’t let that fool you, any trader can find the hidden value within learning her “7 Stocks to Success.”

7 stocks to success
Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 3.04.18 PM

Mary Ellen McGonagle’s Simple Moving Averages


Reg. $147

Known as the “advisor to the advisors,” Mary Ellen McGonagle believes that knowing how to use moving averages is crucial to long-term success as a trader. In this course, Mary Ellen covers how to pick the right moving average and timing, how moving averages offer critical insights into broader market conditions, and how to identify trends. 

This course is designed to get you up to speed on critical skills as fast as possible and covers everything you’ll need to get started taking advantage of the markets.… even if you’ve never used moving averages before.

Simple Moving Average Updated

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For a limited time, you can grab ALL of these courses in the Spooktacular Bundle for ONLY $497!

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