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This Halloween we’re resurrecting a hand-picked selection of classic Simpler Trading courses from our vault. You may not have heard of these timeless trainings because they’ve been locked away from our store.
This special bundle is a rare treat and won’t last long.

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John Carter’s Elephant Trading Course


Reg. $497

John Carter’s Elephant Swing Trading Course shows you how to find the best swing trading setups, goes over necessary technical analysis indicators, foundational analysis techniques, the criteria you need to know when choosing a stock to swing trade, and the best timing to place your swing trades.
In this course John Carter speaks about how to find an “elephant” trade, and what it could mean to your P&L. Swing trading is a unique style suited for those who can’t, or choose not to, stare at charts all day every day. Learn how to make that one trade per year that has the potential to dramatically elevate your trading account.


John Carter’s Spreads Trading Strategies For Growing Small Account


Reg. $497

John Carter’s Small Account Spreads Trading Course shows you how to use spreads to create low-risk high probability trades. In this course, John goes over multiple strategies cover from basic to advanced, and shows you how to make money trading spreads. With these strategies you can steadily & consistently grow your small account through spreads, and even trade them at the “end of day” so you don’t go bug-eyed looking at charts all day.


John Carter’s Spy on the Big Money


Reg. $997

In this course, John Carter will reveal how he’s caught some of the biggest ‘Grand Slam’ moves of the year (the ones most analysts never saw coming!). The goal is to teach specific entry and exit strategies that take advantage of the extraordinary profit potential in using correlations to time asset rotation in select ETFs. Also, look over John’s shoulder as he scans for high probability setups during the 3 days of previously recorded Live Trading.
Learn exactly how to catch ‘Grand Slam’ setups by learning the tell-tale signs that an extraordinary move may be forming. Discover John’s simple formula for getting in early with specific, low-risk setups. Then learn his exact trade management process to maximize the profit potential when you hit a home run. Finally, know how John catches the extraordinary moves that most traders only see in hindsight.


Bruce Marshall’s Guide to Trading Calendars


Reg. $197

Bruce Marshall’s Trading Calendars Course shows you how to use calendars for monthly income. He goes over what calendars are and why you should use them, his 2 favorite income calendar strategies, the 5 easy steps to setting up the trade, and how and when to adjust. Even if you’ve never traded calendars before, Bruce will show you the common pitfalls you need to avoid to shorten or make your learning curve disappear and join the pros!
Bruce goes over lots of real trade examples in this course for you to take his ideas and make them your own!


Bruce Marshall’s Beginner’s Guide To Volatility


Reg. $197

Bruce Marshall’s Volatility Course shows you exactly what volatility is, why it matters and how you can tell if volatility is cheap or expensive. It is time for you to discover the hidden world of volatility that can make or break you as a trader. Learn the easy way to avoid buying overpriced options and selling underpriced options, and learn how to use volatility to pick the right strategy - calendars, iron condors, butterflies, or whatever you trade. For us butterfly traders, Bruce shows you when the best time is to buy a butterfly, and what you need to know about an iron condor vs. a calendar before you put on your next trade.


TG Watkins' Simple Tools for High Probability Trade Setups


Reg. $197

TG’s number one trading tool is the Moxie Indicator, but to give multiple points of confirmation he incorporates 4 common indicators available to everyone. These ancillary but important tools, when all used together, can paint a very clear picture that allows TG to trade with the precision that helps set him apart. Not only do these simple indicators and rules allow him to find excellent entries, they also aid in letting him know when to cash in some profits along the way.

Towards the end of the class, TG shows you how he ties these easy to use indicators together with his proprietary Moxie Indicator for consistently reliable entries.


Raghee Horner’s Intro to Forex


Reg. $197

Are you a beginner in the Forex markets and need a set of specific strategies to help find setups and manage trade? Or are you trading already Forex but with limited or miss results? In this four-hour course, Raghee Horner would guide you through four customized modules to help you gain Forex trading proficiency.
Learn how to identify trends with simple tools so you can take full advantage of strong trends (40% to 70% ROI per trade), identify the difference between retracements and reversals, and identify the proper timing to put on take off trades so you can maximize profit and minimize risk. Raghee will show you how to avoid the most common mistakes when trading forex; teach you all the terms, lingo, and actionable basics about Forex markers. Start trading Forex and design your weekly watchlist to escape the 9 to 5.


Raghee Horner’s Shockwave Setups


Reg. $397

In this course you will learn how to trade chain reactions in global currencies. The election of President Trump triggered shockwaves in markets around the world (including major U.S. stocks). Large institutions, governments, and Central Banks are scrambling to adapt to policy shifts and setting off chain reactions. If you follow a few simple strategies, these volatile moves represent an incredible opportunity. But most traders will miss out because they don’t know how currencies impact global markets (including major U.S. stocks).
Join 28-year trading veteran Raghee Horner for a timely, in-depth training on sane ways to profit from this global chaos. You’ll learn how to find low-risk, high-reward setups (even with extreme volatility), how to precisely target tomorrow’s ‘Hot Zones’ over 68% of the time, and how to avoid costly mistakes when trading volatile currency reactions.


Carolyn Boroden’s Picking Precise Market Turning Points


Reg. $297

Do you feel hesitant on when to enter and/or exit the market? Your problem can now be solved by learning some Fibonacci strategies with Carolyn Boroden. In this comprehensive course, Carolyn would guide you through the steps of conducting Fibonacci Analysis to find precise, low-risk entries and exits. You will gain better control over your trades and become a confident trader.


Danielle Shay's Pillars of Options Trading Class


Reg. $247

The best place to start when you're trying to learn something, especially trading, is the starting line. A lot of traders race right past the starting line though, and they pay for it later on in their trading. You can't be consistently profitable without truly knowing the basics - that's why we designed this class. It's a true "beginners" class. Even if you've been trading for years, but you still find yourself losing more than profiting, you'll find this class incredibly invaluable.

Includes Bonus: Trading Psychology Session with Danielle Shay Gum. Danielle will cover the essential keys to mastering your trading mindset (which is so important for long-term success).


Total Value on ALL these courses is $3,870

For a limited time, you can grab ALL of these courses in the Spooktacular Bundle for ONLY $497!

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