Simpler Trading Scanner

This scanner is quickly becoming one of the most essential tools in our trading arsenal. No platform needed!

SimplerTrading Scanner

What can you expect from the Simpler Trading Scanner Subscription?

This unique tool scans for "squeeze within a squeeze" or "nested squeeze" situations in the entire universe of stocks, and applies John's "growth stock checklist" to the best stocks in the top 10 growth industries. It also looks through a small group of stocks that have already met a strict fundamental analysis. Some other great features include:


It doesn't matter if you use Think or Swim, TradeStation, or any other platform to trade...

All you need is an internet browser for this scanner to work. No platform needed!


What does the Simpler Trading Scanner do? It looks through 1000’s of stocks...

The ST Scanner applies the squeeze, filters the stocks with just the right set up criteria, & identifies the stocks that have a high enough volume to look interesting. Intraday scanners are updated at 30 minute intervals & the daily scanners are updated nightly to keep you well ahead of the curve.

Simpler Trading Scanner Subscription

  • Simple & Comprehensive Interface
  • Daily/Weekly/Intraday Trade Updates
  • 30+ Scans to Choose From
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