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Stacked Profits Mastery Package

Get a Full Access Quarterly Stacked Profits Mastery Membership that includes Monthly Live Trading Q&A Sessions PLUS an Exclusive Online Member Dashboard


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Quarterly Stacked Profits
Mastery Membership

Phoenix Finder Strategy Class

3 Live Trading Sessions

Phoenix Folio 1, 2, & 3

Phoenix Finder Tool


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Phoenix Finder
Strategy + Tool Package


Phoenix Finder Strategy Class

3 Live Trading Sessions

Phoenix Folio 1, 2, & 3

Phoenix Finder Tool


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Stacked Profits Mastery Package / $397

Immediate Access to Monthly Live Trading Q&A Sessions
PLUS Exclusive Online Member Dashboard

Many traders try and try to consistently grow an account, but in the end, fail. We believe the fastest path to success is to follow a proven plan and get ongoing input from a seasoned trader. That’s why Danielle Shay, with her background in teaching, launched the Stacked Profits Mastery Program. In the program, she trades and teaches her favorite options setups and strategies using her directional, conservatively aggressive style. She utilizes low risk, high reward options trading strategies on high probability setups that allow her to target 25-200% gains with limited risk. This is the same formula that’s allowed Danielle to grow small accounts, including growing her account from 6k to 30k during the Coronavirus pandemic which led to the purchase of her lake house.

As a Mastery Member, you will have access to:

Live Trading: Monthly interactive live-trading sessions with Danielle Shay.

Interactive Q&A: Ask Danielle about tickers, strategies and more! 

Real-Time Market Update & Trade Alerts: Danielle alerts members when she enters new Stacked Profits trades, as well as informs them updates within the market, tips & tricks, and more.

Real-Time Market Update Alerts: Between sessions, members can still follow Danielle’s market analysis in real time with daily alerts on market conditions, possible entries, important news and more. 

Weekly Watchlists: Receive Danielle’s handpicked watchlist for additional Stacked Profits trade possibilities.


Trade Spreadsheet: Follow along with updated trades to see what Danielle has open and when. 

Five Star Trader Newsletter: Weekly updates from Danielle on market analysis, tips, tricks, and special bonuses.

Phoenix Finder Strategy + Tool Package / $497

4-Hour Phoenix Finder Class + Phoenix Finder Tool + Phoenix Folio 1, 2, & 3
PLUS 3 Pre-Recorded Live Trading Sessions with Danielle Shay

In this strategy class you will learn from Danielle as she reveals how to identify ‘hidden strength’ Phoenix stocks that are ready to rally. These stocks offer buyers explosive profit potential, and are the stocks that destroy short sellers. You will also learn how to expose ‘weak link’ stocks poised to drop like rocks that offer amazing potential for short sellers. In a choppy market, stock selection is critical if you want consistent gains.


In this class you will discover:


How to know which options setup to use for maximum profit potential with limited risk (this allows you to trade with confidence and objectivity instead of guessing).

How part-time traders with smaller accounts can reliably grow their balance by swimming with the ‘big money flow’ (and NOT against).

How to use Danielle’s easy to follow Phoenix Finder research process (so you can know exactly how to identify stocks and ETFs with hidden strength to create your custom watchlist).

Also Included

The Phoenix Finder Tool ($397 Value)
In a volatile market, stock selection is critical if you want consistent gains. Without a strong trend in the market, it is essential to know the true strength (or weakness) of a stock relative to others in its industry group. Until now, ranking the strength of a stock (or ETF) was difficult to visualize using individual charts. With the Phoenix Finder Tool, traders receive help identifying which stocks are ripe for a rally and which are ready to drop like a rock.


The goal is to target high-probability, short-term gains with options by identifying when money flows in (or out) of key stocks in carefully chosen industries. This powerful tool uses a formula of comparison between key futures, stocks, industries, or ETFs. This allows a big picture view where traders get to objectively measure the strength of each security to help pick the best available for their trading style and profile.

Phoenix Folio 1, 2, & 3 ($297 Value)
As we have said, the Phoenix Finder knows and compares the true strength (or weakness) of a stock relative to others in its industry group. With Danielle’s Phoenix Folio, you will get her lists of the strongest stocks that she trades for high probability setups. Each Phoenix Folio has 12 different lists with a wide span of categories and trading strategies (i.e Tech, Consumer Discretionary, Banks, etc.).

3 Pre-Recorded Live Trading Sessions with Danielle Shay ($591 Value)
Take advantage of our popular live-trading sessions because during market hours is when you can truly see the progress you have made as a trader. Although the sessions have already occurred, we have found it to be invaluable to have the opportunity to look back at these sessions. Why? To watch Danielle day trade and swing trade stocks, options, and ETFs in real-time, and to hear any of the questions fellow traders may have asked during that time.


‘All ‘N One’ Package / $894

4-Hour Phoenix Finder Class + Phoenix Finder Tool + Phoenix Folio 1, 2, & 3 +
3 Pre-Recorded Live Trading Sessions PLUS a Stacked Profits Mastery Quarterly Membership

Who Is This Package For? Traders who want to take advantage of low-risk, high-reward trades without watching the market all day. Note: Due to the interactive nature of this program, there are limited spots available at this special rate. If this is for you, don’t hesitate.

Feeling lost or stuck? Get clarity! Danielle helps you focus on what is working in the markets, in real time! 

Consistency is key. That’s why you get a Q&A live-trading session with Danielle and fellow Mastery members every month. Use these interactive sessions to level up your results as fast as possible. 

Can’t watch the market? Missing the best moves? Get alerts texted to you when Danielle identifies new trades or market moves. 

Looking to add to your toolkit? The Phoenix Finder as well as Stacked Profits formula can work in addition to any strategy or indicator you have in place right now.

Want to trade with confidence? We’re here to help you master the same powerful options strategy Danielle used to grow a $7K account into $17K.

Here is what other traders have said about trading with and learning from Danielle:


“ are a treasure. You have the ability to hammer your ideas into my knucklehead. Your explanation is spot on. Thanks.” 

- Bill C.

“Whoo up 9% for the week thank you Danielle great week well worthwhile being sleep deprived for. Have a great weekend.”

- Craig0

“Danielle, in a couple weeks you have had a positive impact on my trading skills and confidence levels!”

- Steve NYC

About Danielle: Danielle Shay is a market analyst, trader, and expert commentator. She is Director of Options at Simpler Trading where she runs analysis in the trading room, teaches classes and webinars, and writes the Five Star Trader newsletter. You can also find Danielle regularly in the media, as she is an expert guest on CNBC, Fox News, Nasdaq TradeTalks, and more. As a momentum trader, her primary focus is identifying relative strength trading setups, and trading them using equity options, stocks, and ETFs. Using her step-by-step, top-down approach, it’s Danielle’s goal as a former teacher, to help traders go from zero to trading — just like she once did. She has the keen ability to relay trading information in small tangible bits where even the ‘best’ of traders will find her insights useful and easy to understand. Her motto is, “If I can do it, you can do it!”

Follow her on Twitter to learn more @traderDanielle.

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