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How to Profit from Stocks with Hidden Strength (or Weakness)

In a choppy market, stock selection is critical if you want consistent gains. Without a strong trend, it is essential to know the true strength or weakness of a stock relative to others in its industry group. Until now, ranking the strength of a stock or ETF was difficult to visualize using individual charts. With the Phoenix Finder Tools and Strategy, it becomes clear at a glance which stocks are ripe for a rally and which ones are ready to drop like a rock. Targeting 50 to 200 percent high probability short term gains with options becomes possible when you can identify when money flows in or out of key stocks in carefully chosen industries.

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Phoenix Finder Elite

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Phoenix Finder Tool

Phoenix Finder was designed to reveal hidden relative out performance in any ticker by using a formula that compares key stocks, industries, and ETFs.

When the market does not have a strong trend, it is essential to understand true relative strength (or weakness) of a stock relative to others in its sector.

Until now, quickly visualizing this relative strength was difficult to do using only individual charts.

With the Phoenix Finder Tool and Strategy Class (strategy course sold separately from indicator), it becomes clear which stocks in a sector are ready to rally and which are ready to drop like a rock.

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