Dynamic Profit Zones Indicator

Available On: ThinkorSwim, TradeStation

How Do We Use It?

Watch the video to see how our trader Allison Ostrander explains how she utilizes this indicator.

For the first time, the Dynamic Profit Zones Indicator finally makes it possible to understand the personality and mood of a specific stock. This helps you identify profit targets appropriate for the current cycle a stock is in. You can finally avoid the limitations of a one-size-fits-all exit strategy. With the Dynamic Profit Zones Indicator, you can see at a glance where price is likely to go. This allows you to know whether to expect a quick profit or to hold for larger gains. If you use Fibonacci Extensions, the Darvas 2.0 Box, or Voodoo Lines, the Dynamic Profit Zones Indicator is designed to help you decide exactly where to exit without guesswork.