Bruce’s Adaptive Income Method

Adapt Your Trading Style to the Current Market

Learn to adapt your trading style to the current market using several indicators. Take full advantage of directional butterfly trades to long call and puts, diagonals, and credit spreads. Receive systematic trade plan for different trades.

Strategies: Butterfly

What will you learn?

Chapter 1: Introduction to the course and indicators
Raghee Horner will guide you through how to add the TOPS indicator, 34 EMA Wave and GRaB (Green, Red, and Blue Candles), Propulsion Dots, and Darvas Box Indicator to your charts on Thinkorswim and TradeStation. Bruce demonstrates how to adapt your trading style to fit the current market using the indicators Raghee mentions in her session. Bruce’s strategies will include:

  • Identify changes in the market
  • Identify proper trades for the current trend
  • Identify risks and profit potential for your trades

Chapter 2: Directional Butterfly Strategy
Bruce illustrates the full advantages of directional butterfly trades and demonstrates its advantage on long calls and puts, diagonals, and credit spreads. In addition, Bruce dives deep into how and when to use directional butterfly trades using the indicators and how to manage the trades once you are in.

Chapter 3: Trades’ Examples and Q&A Session
Bruce will review with you some trades’ example step-by-step through the Adaptive Income Method. You will have opportunities to ask questions and receive systematic trade plans for different trades.

Course Breakdown

  • Chapter 1: 55 minutes
  • Chapter 2: 1 hours and 13 minutes
  • Chapter 3: 56 minutes

About the Content Providers:

  • Bruce Marshall

    About Bruce: Bruce is our Income Trading Specialist and devoted mentor. After spending many years on Wall Street managing institutional and retail accounts, we are lucky to have him trading in our Gold room most days. Bruce’s style is very versatile. Great for beginners, because he makes sure to give detailed explanations and also for experienced traders who are looking for new ideas. If you have a full-time job and can’t sit in front of the computer and watch markets all day, this is a great trading style for you.