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John Carter's
Pot of Gold

What's Included:
Ultimate Guide to Debit Spreads
Weekly Wires
Weekly Wires Indicator Bundle

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Pot of Gold

What's Included:
Pillars of Options Trading Class
Henry’s Options Lab
Bruce’s Adaptive Income Method
Symmetry: The Power Tool
Bread & Butter Butterflies Class

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Futures & Forex
Pot of Gold

What's Included:
Navigating Market Volatility
Quick Start to Futures
Intro to Forex
Beginner’s Guide to Elliott Wave
Elliott Wave Masters Series

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Save 70%

John's Pot of Gold

Featuring: John F. Carter, Founder and Lead Trader at Simpler Trading®

Circle Head - John

John Carter’s Ultimate Guide to Debit Spreads shows you everything you need to know about how to create a consistent income stream using debit spreads. Inside the course John goes over how to increase your probability of profit by using debit spreads and selling the further OTM option to help pay for the more expensive options. Debit spreads are perfect for a small account because they need zero margin so you never lose more than the amount of your debit. With this strategy course, you will also learn how to write a plan for growing an account with debit spreads, the rules for using debit spreads, the spreads to use in today’s markets, and the pros/cons of vertical vs. diagonal debit spreads.


The Weekly Wires Course goes over John Carter’s 120% per year option income strategy with minimum risk by using a simple weekly options strategy. Your key is anticipating the coming week’s precise high and low price levels with the included indicators. You will discover the specific way John sets up ‘Weekly Wires’ trades to stack the odds in his favor, if you have struggled to become profitable, you will love these step-by-step instructions. With this course you will be able to generate steady income and account growth even in volatile conditions, if you’re looking for a way to make a living from trading while also building wealth, this strategy can show you how.

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The indicator bundle from the ‘Weekly Wires’ course includes the Two Week Statistics Indicator and the Weekly Price Statistics Indicator. With the Two Week Stats Tool you can project the high and low price range two weeks in the future based on statistical odds based on daily charts. The Weekly version has the same quantitative statistical power as the Two Week Stats Tool but you can project the high and low price range for the current week, you can use this tool to help you structure your shorter-term options income trades.

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Options Pot of Gold

Featuring: Danielle Shay, Henry Gambell, Carolyn Boroden, & Bruce Marshall

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Circle Head - Henry
Circle Head - Carolyn
Bruce Marshall

The best place to start when you're trying to learn something, especially trading, is the starting line. A lot of traders race right past the starting line though, and they pay for it later on in their trading. You can't be consistently profitable without truly knowing the basics - that's why we designed the Pillars of Options Trading. It's a true "beginners" class. Even if you've been trading for years, but you still find yourself losing more than profiting, you'll find this class incredibly invaluable.


In Henry’s Options Lab you will learn how he uses fibonacci for a variety of strategies. You’ll learn how to utilize short vertical spreads on equities, some conservative strategies for plays on bullish stocks, and a deep overview of using fibonacci clusters with options. Of course Henry will also go over buying puts and calls with the Squeeze indicator and utilizing support levels to sell credit spreads. This course is for you if you want to learn how to make serious gains overnight and learn earnings strategies that limit risk.


This strategy that Bruce Marshall uses to trade is best for traders that want “set it and forget it” trades. These strategies are primarily focused on high probability trades, with a strong focus on controlling risk. Consistent returns over time is Bruce’s bread and butter. In Adaptive Income Method, Bruce begins by covering the indicators he uses to measure market strength and trend as well as his advanced options strategies for taking the opportunities these low-risk setups provide.These strategies work best for traders looking for steady income over time.


In Symmetry: The Power Tool, Carolyn reveals one of her secret weapons in trading, Symmetry. Join the Fibonacci Queen to explore Symmetry in trading so you can use it to identify key support, resistance levels and possible reversals in the market. In addition, Carolyn guides you through the procedure of running the Symmetry Projections in Thinkorswim and Dynamic Trader. You’ll learn how to define Symmetry in trading, how to use Symmetry projections to identify key support and resistance levels, and how to leverage Symmetry for stop loss orders and reversals.


The one Butterfly Strategy you can use every month to secure your trade regardless of the market condition. In this class by Bruce Marshall, he will help you learn how to execute your trade confidently by understanding why and how the Bread & Butter Butterfly Strategy works. You’ll learn how to implement the Bread & Butter Butterfly Strategy as your monthly trade, and how and when to put on and take off your trade to maximize profit while minimizing risk. The Butterfly Strategy works on any account size and you can use it to save on commissions.

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Futures & Forex Pot of Gold

Featuring John Carter, Raghee Horner, Neil Yeager, & David Starr

Circle Head - John
Raghee Horner

Join our Forex trading expert, Raghee Horner, for Navigating Market Volatility to learn how to successfully trade in choppy and directionless markets. You would learn to target the best types of “chop” to trade and use it to identify the volatile market conditions. Leverage the fundamentals and technical analysis to find opportunity amidst confusion and uncertainty. Avoid common “account killers” in volatile conditions with specific steps and mindset. Exploit two simple indicators, GRaB Candles and 34EMA, to define trending and non-trending markets. Apply Raghee’s I.C.E. system to grasp opportunities in any market and timeframe


Quick Start to Futures will take you from 'walking to running' in the futures market. This session is designed to get you up to speed on the Simpler way to profitable futures trading. During this one hour crash course, Simpler Trading’s very own Neil Yeager will take you from ‘walking to running’ in the futures market. This one hour session will get even the most novice of futures traders ready for the profit potential the futures market offers.


Are you a beginner in the Forex markets and need a set of specific strategies to help find setups and manage trade? Or are you trading already Forex but with limited or miss results? In this four-hour Intro to Forex course, Raghee Horner would guide you through four customized modules to help you gain Forex trading proficiency. You’ll learn how to take full advantage of trend trading Forex and identifying the difference between retracements and reversals. Don’t make the common mistakes that novice traders make when getting into Forex, instead identify how to maximize your profit and minimize your risk!


Discover how to use Elliott Wave to interpret the language of the markets in David Starr’s Beginner's Guide to Elliott Wave. You’ll learn how markets follow trends or waves and you’ll be able to predict where the markets may go. David will show you Motive and Corrective waves and how they can be used along with common patterns like Zig-Zags, Flat Corrections, and Triangles. Discover the power of Elliott Wave to speak the language of the markets.


In David Starr’s Elliott Wave Masters Series, once you know the Elliott wave patterns, the single best way to develop your own ability to interpret the messages that the waves are sending is consistent practice. In the Master Class, David picks up where introductory material leaves off. With 16 hours of material spread across four sessions, the Master Class is packed with practical information. It can be difficult deciding to pull the trigger on a trade and, once in, it can be a struggle figuring out where to book profits or even take a small loss before it becomes a big loss.

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