Drama Free Day Trades

Kody’s 1% Per Day Strategy

With Kody Ashmore, Director of Weekly Options Strategies

What's Included:

  • The 1% Per Day Strategy Class 
  • 6 Pre-recorded Live Trading Sessions (Pro and Elite Package)
  • 6 Additional Pre-recorded Live Trading Sessions (Elite Package)
  • Bonus: Small Account Mastery (Pro and Elite Package)
  • Bonus: Squeeze Pro Indicator (Elite Package)

ABOUT Kody Ashmore:

While in the United States Marine Corps he did two tours to Iraq, went through a wide variety of courses, and obtained several awards and medals. While Kody was overseas he wanted to find a way to make his money, make him money. He started with day trading but with laggy & slow internet, he learned that day trading was going to be impossible to pursue overseas. 

That’s when he turned to swing trading options. After mastering swing trading, he sought to become a Prop Trader for a firm to further leverage his capital. In 2016 Kody started trading firm capital and has been ever since. Kody’s main goal in trading is to be able to produce a weekly income for a source of living. Short term, trading has always had his attention. Kody seeks to actively pay himself weekly while managing risk.




What if you could end your trading day in a matter of minutes? Can you really have a “full” trading day in under an hour? Our Director of Weekly Options Strategies, Kody Ashmore, grew his account by over 60% in 3 months doing just that, and now, he’s sharing his 1% per day strategy with you in this step-by-step interactive training 

Using 0DTE expiration options, Kody has been able to put on a trade within the first 15-20 minutes of the trading day, leave it alone, and revisit it at the end of the day with the goal of receiving a minimum of 1% of his account value for the trade. His day starts with choosing where he thinks the market will NOT go (his bias), placing the trade, and stepping away to take care of whatever else needs to be dealt with.

This strategy requires no scanning, no setup determination, and little to no drama as a result. You’re in and out within the same day, so there’s no overnight risk, and you can have as little as $1,000 in your account and still take advantage of Kody’s 1% per day strategy. He’s been able to take it to even greater heights, as he’s used this trading strategy in both his $25K account and $100K account because the principles are the same. Once you learn this strategy, you can apply it to your own trading style.

During this class, you”ll discover:

  • Case Study: Kody’s 60+% account growth in over 3 months
  • The key to determining your bias for the market day
  • How to put time on your side when trading options
  • Why the 1% per day strategy isn’t affected by the pattern day trading rule
  • How to put the Greeks in your favor
  • Case Study: Kody’s $850 profit in a few hours in SPX

And much more!


Pre-recorded Live Trading Sessions
(Pro and Elite Package ONLY)
The Follow along with Kody as he demonstrates how he executes this incredibly simple strategy each morning in the first 30 minutes of the trading day. Having all twelve sessions that span out over weeks is a fantastic opportunity to give you the chance to dive deeper into the 1% a day strategy as you’ll have more days to watch him use his strategy in the market for a longer period of time.
Small Account Mastery (SAM)
(Pro and Elite Package ONLY)
There’s no better way to deepen your mastery of Kody’s strategy than to get weekly Small Acocounts Mastery sessions to help you stay on track. These sessions will allow you to get your questions answered, get up-to-date market insights, and take live trades when SAM setups form. Pro package comes with a 30 day trial and the Elite package gives you access to the Quarterly membership. Your membership will renew every quarter at $597 and you can cancel at any time.
Squeeze Pro Indicator
(Elite Package ONLY)
We’re extending you this opportunity to add the Squeeze Pro to your trading toolbox. As you may know, the Squeeze Pro Indicator was created by our founder, John Carter, to catch bigger and faster moves than the original Squeeze Indicator. This tool makes it possible to get into trades earlier and identify more opportunities.


What's included
  • The 1% Per Day Strategy Class
  • Pre-recorded Live Trading Sessions
  • Small Account Mastery Trial
  • Squeeze Pro Indicator
What's included
  • The 1% Per Day Strategy Class
  • 6 Pre-recorded Live Trading Sessions
  • Small Account Mastery Trial
  • Squeeze Pro Indicator
What's included
  • The 1% Per Day Strategy Class
  • 12 Pre-recorded Live Trading Sessions
  • Small Account Mastery Quarterly
  • Squeeze Pro Indicator


So nice to see another 1% profit today from the SPX PCS, and such low-maintenance. I’ve been away from my computer most of the day. Thanks!

– Kirk

“You just cannot imagine what positive impact you have on my life!”

– Pavlin

“I have to thank you for the 0DTE trades. The only trade I’m doing now.”

– Mike

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