What’s Free At Simpler Trading?


Simpler Trading Team

Dec 28th 2020  .  3 min read

At Simpler Trading we sometimes receive questions such as, “Why are you only trying to sell a bunch of stuff?,” or “ What are you providing that doesn’t cost me anything?”

We just wanted to take a minute to address these questions.

First, yes, we sell training and other services for those who want to further develop their skills as traders. This is at the heart of what we do in our ongoing effort to provide a quality service to new, aspiring, and veteran traders.

Simpler’s team of traders delivers an array of learning opportunities — with more than 200 years of combined trading experiences — and they themselves never stop learning and sharing.

If you’re reading this, you’ve answered the second question… at least in part.

Simpler Insights is a free newsletter that delivers a variety of information that traders of all skill levels can use, i.e. the article in each issue, links to free webinars, free trading videos, and direct access to our free resources online at www.simplertrading.com/free-goods.

Why do we offer these complimentary products?

Because we want traders to be informed, encouraged, and confident they can pursue trading at their own pace, at their skill level, and within their personal trading plan. We strive to connect traders with one (or more) of our team members or programs that they feel comfortable learning from in a no-pressure environment.

And, there is more beyond Simpler Insights.

Traders of all skill levels are welcome to tap into free resources. These include:

  • A variety of free newsletters covering options, stocks, and futures
  • Simpler’s blog
  • Tech topics
  • Live sessions on Facebook
  • Videos on YouTube
  • Regular webinars

Here’s the most common comment we get from traders who discover Simpler Trading:

“I wish I found you guys sooner.”

Our goal is to help traders build confidence and skills when facing the markets. The markets are challenging and constantly twisting and turning, seemingly working to upset all our efforts.

So, we offer our services — paid and free — and we enjoy working with other like-minded traders. We can share what’s working for us in real-time.

This allows our collective experience as a group — our team combined with our members — to give us what all traders need to succeed: an edge against the markets.

We Saw: Markets rallying to new highs to start last week of year — 

  • Politicians finally come to terms on stimulus package
  • Apple continues to surge higher
  • Business, personal finances suffer due to Covid-19

We’re Watching: Tickers, sectors, trends to target in New Year —

  • Effects of Covid-19 vaccine on economic recovery
  • Uncertainty in global markets
  • Arrival of the 2020 finish line… finally