What Makes Up A 7-Figure Trading Day?


Simpler Trading Team

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Ever wonder how long-time traders can add seven figures into their account in a single day?

Not every trader can achieve such results, but any trader can follow a playbook to gain skills.

It may not be obvious to everyone, but Simpler Trading has a team that includes multiple seven-figure traders.

Our team members regularly share how they use strategies and tools; specific trades losses and wins; and what they see ahead as the market twists and turns. This is all part of our online trading chat rooms, mastery memberships, and special free webinars.

The pandemic-infused last 12 months have shaken up the world and the stock market has been a rough place to make a living at times.

But Simpler’s traders have found a profitable path through it all each with their own level of success and methods of attacking this turbulent market.

Tonight one of Simpler’s seven-figure traders is sharing how his trading method created a plan of action and profitability in a turbulent market. Catch the free webinar HERE.

There are many dynamics affecting this market and how to trade the volatility.

Recent market factors include retail traders taking on Wall Street “players;” emergence of an “innovation” wave not likely to subside; and a raging bull market with Teflon tendencies.

With so much in play, why keep wondering what you could do with your trading plan

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We Saw: Trading opening strong then fading into close — 

  • Nasdaq and S&P 500 slip while Dow eases higher
  • Fed offers gloomy job forecast assessment
  • Questions about computer chip availability

We’re Watching: Momentum of after-hours market surge —

  • Tickers with strong squeezes in play
  • Long term: 4th Quarter and “historical patterns”
  • Setups in: ROKU, TLRY, ABNB, NFLX, CGC, MJ