Up, Up, And… Here We Go Again


Simpler Trading Team

Mar 10th 2020  .  2 min read

The roller coaster market continued Tuesday as bulls tried their best and the Dow halved its losses from Monday’s manic sell-off.

Simpler Trading moderators followed the wild session with calculated trades in an effort to “play what’s in front of us.”

News of the president considering pausing taxes and boosting the oil industry lit a fire in traders for the positive spike. All indexes finished the day up almost 5%.

Traders in Simpler’s online chat room were encouraged to understand the expectation is that this volatility will continue for a while. Moderators are continuously adjusting their trading style as the market cycles quickly.

Tolerance, emotionally and with capital, for sudden price moves is a necessary skill set for traders in this market.

The goal is to learn from this historic volatile environment and develop skills to generate consistent income throughout the market.

Simpler’s moderators have decades of trading “scars” and they work to share experiences to help traders avoid a trial-and-error effort amidst the volatility.

Keep searching for low-stress clean setups.

We Saw: another wild ride to the upside – 

  • President stepping to set off the markets
  • Coronavirus fears still spreading
  • OPEC players in an unprecedented power struggle

We’re Watching: … roller coaster’s direction in the morning –

  • Be wary of more wild rides, possibly worse overall
  • More events, even political, being cancelled or postponed
  • Sectors being hit hard, travel, airlines, oil