Uncertainty Is For Certain In This Wild Market


Simpler Trading Team

Feb 16th 2021  .  2 min read

Things are a little crazy here in Texas the first time in history the entire state is under a winter storm warning.

That’s crazy considering our climate includes deserts and near-Caribbean coastal areas.

That being said… we’re still working the markets (between intermittent internet and rolling power black outs).

Texas’ plight is so profound that energy prices spiked Tuesday and sent waves through the stock market.

Something really unique has come to light during this crazy winter weather.

We’ve seen Simpler Trading team members living in areas around the country who still have power and internet step in to help other team members. We’ve watched as veteran traders in our memberships stepped up/chimed in to share insights into what’s happening in their trading world. We’ve enjoyed seeing newer traders/members take in all the cooperation and apply it to their plans.

This is the foundation of why we built and continue to improve Simpler Trading helping traders work through any obstacles that occur no matter how unprecedented (pandemic) or unpredictable (historic winter storm).

Our online training and trading rooms are active daily with questions and insights about the wild market sessions and how to identify trade opportunities.

Moderators at Simpler regularly share trade setups to hedge losses while pushing for maximum gains by using proven strategies even when the market is volatile.

This community of like-minded, purposeful people makes the world of difference to us and our members when the market faces the certainty of uncertainty ahead.

When you have this kind of sharing community, why trade alone?

We Saw: Market starting strong and then lagging – 

  • Nasdaq and S&P 500 down while Dow slightly up
  • Historic winter weather disrupts oil, gas in Texas
  • Flat to lagging markets around the world

We’re Watching: Staying involved in volatility with caution –

  • Trimming positions to manage risk
  • How much we depend on internet, online trading
  • Setups in: NDX, ABNB, CRWD, DIS, ROKU