Trading The Good, Bad, Ugly In 2021


Simpler Trading Team

Dec 15th 2020  .  2 min read

Was 2020 an anomaly or the new normal?

The market volatility offered astonishing potential to many members in the Simpler Trader community who shared how this was their best year. Still, there are many questions yet to be answered.

The big question is, how will the coming year play out?

That’s the topic we’re going to cover in the next urgent market update hosted by John Carter, Founder of Simpler Trading.

There are many unknowns ahead.

How can traders have their best year ever in 2021?

We don’t need to predict the future.

Instead, the goal is to continue making reliable gains during chronic uncertainty.

And, there is still opportunity left in this year (including possibly the most predictable day — Dec. 30).

Truth is, most folks are about to check out as the 2020 clock winds down.

They think they’ll play catch up after the first of the year.

But things are happening fast right now. 

Why would anyone want to be scrambling from behind?

Whether it’s political upheaval, or economic hangover from the pandemic, now’s the time to identify the pitfalls and opportunities.

Don’t let the new year catch you off guard.

Now’s the time to get ready to rock in 2021.

So, join John Carter this Thursday (free event) for insight into his plan to trade the good, the bad, and the ugly that lies ahead.

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We Saw: Market strong across the board — 

  • Nasdaq surging to record high
  • Dow, S&P 500 regaining footing
  • Vaccine, stimulus hopes bolstering markets

We’re Watching: Opportunities for income trades —

  • Playing setups close, but not “checking out” of trading
  • Narrower strikes and less overall risk
  • Setups in: SPWR, PTON, AMD, CAT, NFLX