Trading creates profit opportunity


Simpler Trading Team

Feb 19th 2020  .  3 min read

Trading offers a fast-paced investment arena that delivers a variety of risk/reward opportunities associated with financial markets.

The key to excelling in trading is to constantly focus on limiting risk while maximizing reward.

Traders are encouraged to focus on one job – make trades that create a profit trend in your trading account. Imagine a positive equity curve that goes from the lower left of your computer screen to the upper right.

When your only goal is to make money, this focus starts eliminating much of the noise in the marketplace. What bends the minds of most new traders is they don’t understand that a positive equity curve always comes with losses along the way.

On your way to this positive equity curve, don’t get caught up in the emotional momentum waves of the market.

Momentum can be driven by FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), overreaching expectations, and inexperienced traders following faulty strategies or “breaking” news. These market conditions can get confusing and overwhelming.

Traders who learn quickly to recognize patterns in the middle of all market conditions can apply profitable strategies instead of following costly emotions. Develop a mindset that is brutal about producing profits, and not chasing the emotion of the next “latest” thing.

The tough part of this process is developing a mindset that allows you to constantly recover from the losses. You must readjust your plan, move forward, and take advantage of the next opportunity.

Develop realistic income expectations and create income from specific skill sets you can learn. Remember, the single most important job of an options trader is to earn profits. If your only goal is to make money, this brutal focus starts eliminating the financial “noise” that can distract you.

Simpler Trading team members are professional traders who put their money where their mouth is — actively trading in the market with all its risk and reward. A bad call costs them money while a good call puts them in the money.

Simpler Trading mentors deliver the real deal to help you as a growing trader.

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