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Simpler Trading Team

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March arrived like a charging bull as all three indexes spiked Monday only to take a deep yawn and lose ground quickly today.

Traders are realizing there is more need now than ever before to develop updated skills and strategies.

That’s why Simpler Trading developed a system of online trading rooms, specialty courses, and mastery programs – all with a unique way to learn.

Live-trading is our popular real-time training session.

We’ve found that during market hours is the best time for plans, indicators, and strategies to come together. For us this is the very fastest way to absorb and internalize training and make it your own to begin using new skills in live market conditions.

We regularly receive comments from members who tell us there’s nothing like being able to watch over our traders’ screens as they look for setups and have the time to dive deeper into the strategy.

Time after time our members share how they’ve experienced “aha” moments or the “light bulb” has come on after years of struggling to trade and not achieving their goals. Watching over our traders’ shoulders as they identify setups in real-time online sessions creates an environment that opens up answers to trading in live market conditions.

Doesn’t it make sense to accelerate the learning experience as a way to “make these tools your own” and see how a strategy plays out during market hours?

If you’re ready to take your trading to a new level, consider giving one of our live-trading opportunities a try.

With this direct access to Simpler’s traders available in real-time, why trade alone?

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