Target Daily Trading Gains, Avoid ‘Big Picture’ Worry


Simpler Trading Team

3 min read

Traders often worry about the “big picture” in the stock market – direction, momentum, outside influences (such as inflation).

But what if you discovered this was an unnecessary worry?

Lowering targets, avoiding risk, and eliminating fear in a volatile market may be the answer.

New formula targets less stressful daily trading gains

Most traders, regardless of skill level, have simple goals that look something like this: make money, get out of trades with the money, and go do something else.

For Simpler’s traders, these basic aspirations help create or enhance a trading lifestyle that encourages family life, health and fitness, and anything else that doesn’t involve being married to the stock market.

John Carter, Founder of Simpler Trading, started with these simple aspirations more than a decade ago. He has continued on that path, including his new strategy guiding him profitably through the volatility of the current market.

He focuses not on an array of individual stocks, but targets the S&P 500 Index Options (SPX) and following stock charts on shorter time frames.

The SPX has proven more predictable – relative to an uncertain stock market – and the shorter time frames mean less exposure to unknown variables ahead when executing trades. John keeps the one-minute, five-minute, and daily time frames in ready view in his online trading platform.

Couple the shorter time frames with multi-leg trades, such as credit spreads, and John has a formula to target 2% to 5% gains daily. Depending on the size of a trading account – and considering there will be losing trades – John has discovered how the strategy can build consistent, profitable gains.

John starts his trading day early, and considers this jump start an easier time to find “quick hits” trades. He can let the trades work, or not, throughout the day without fretting over how things are going.

That daily target – 2%-5% – is his focus.

John is OK “missing” trades if he runs some errands or hits the gym instead of staring at stock charts on the computer screen. FOMO – fear of missing out – is not a concern.

“My whole theory with this is once you get your goal there’s nothing else to do for the day,” John said.

Once he hits his daily goal, John avoids throwing away any gains by giving into FOMO and trying to chase more trades late in the day.

“There are a lot of trades that I’m missing out on these days, and I’m fine with it,” John said.

John also shared how traders could target even lower percentages of gains and still work toward consistent wins.

“If you can average 1 percent per day over the course of a year, that’s a 1,200 percent return by the end of the year,” John said.

Over the summer, John put together a new formula for trading that combines his simple daily strategy with indicators that target these consistent trades. His program is already underway with traders in the Simpler Trading community jumping on board.

“This has really opened up a lot of eyes for folks,” John said.

There is a limited time to get all the extras that come with the new formula. Find out more HERE.