Tap Into A Team To Ride The Rally


Simpler Trading Team

Aug 18th 2020  .  3 min read

Leading stocks in key sectors once again made big moves in a market that continues to add new record highs.

Insightful traders are riding the waves of the record market and taking in gains.

How do you identify and track setups in the uncertainty and volatility that still headlines this market?

Navigating these waters is tough to accomplish when going it alone. Figuring out all the twists and turns is certainly possible by yourself. But that’s a great deal of work to take in a broad view of the market, narrow down specific targets, and know when something’s going to “pop” along the way.

This is where the Simpler Trading community comes into play.

While others are struggling to figure out this crazy market, here are some key wins among Simpler’s team of traders:

  • One stock, $100,000 in a day
  • Trade for 2 hours, $2,000 an hour
  • Gains with just a $500 account
  • 15 minutes, $200 in one trade
  • Multiple $1 million trades in a pandemic

And, when popular trading software goes down as the market spikes (like today), Simpler’s traders pivot and offer a full view of how they adjust and keep pushing for profit.

How have traders in our community benefited? They’ll tell you:

“Thank You on the TSLA trade. Made enough to send kid to college for 4 years! 🙂 Thinking of drawing out the cash and putting it in a college fund! :)” – R.F.

“Thank you for helping me to have one of the best trading days in my history of trading!” – R.A.

“Im still in the trade but Stop Loss is set — $100k Profit. First ever! Congrats on your Grand Slam! Love this community.”

This is just a glimpse of the comments we receive daily from traders taking their skills and successes to another level.

Why not you?

If you’re already a part of the Simpler community, keep going. If not, take a look around, read a blog, follow the free videos, start a course, or begin a trial in one of the trading rooms and connect with our traders.

Just don’t sit back and miss all the fun… and profit potential.

We Saw: new record highs – 

  • S&P 500 grinds to new high of 3,389.79
  • Nasdaq notching another record at 11,210.84
  • Dow slipping yet again for a mild loss

We’re Watching: a grind up and more highs –

  • TSLA’s continued rally and run pattern
  • If bull market declaration holds
  • Setups in: TSLA, JPM, AMZN, CSIQ