Taking On Trading, Market Headwinds Of 2021


Simpler Trading Team

2 min read

The first week of the New Year started off gapping to the downside and if traders weren’t already reassessing their 2021 plans… now is better late than never.

There is plenty of turmoil – U.S. and Georgia election controversy, ongoing lockdown fight, lingering pandemic challenges – to continue the uncertainty of last year where the world and the markets were twisted awry like never before

“Normal” is not a word to accurately describe last year, but for Simpler Trading last year’s wild market and this year’s start is an environment of normalcy.

No matter the market action or reaction, we stay the course at Simpler… keep it simple and continue trading what we know works.

Simpler continues to apply proven technical analysis and strategies to target opportunities as the market presents them. No matter the events or news of the world, the market will move.

We simply follow where it leads to discover trade potential.

Despite all that happened in 2020, our traders maintained a bullish outlook. Yes, they adjusted to the March crash while dealing with bearish and choppy periods. And they continue to focus on bullish momentum into 2021.


Because in 2020 Simpler’s traders across the board had stellar years – from a continuation of decades of profitability to multiple multi-million dollar gains never experienced before. While countless traders and a few trading companies collapsed in the “year from hell,” Simpler’s traders continued their personal upward trends based on applying sound principles.

Our traders continue to work within a community of like-minded traders – delivering trade alerts, targeting trends, sharing wins (and losses), and working within what the market offers.

Traders have the choice of viewing 2021 as a year of fear and uncertainty or facing its headwinds with a profit-minded mindset.

We Saw: Markets bending, twisting in the news cyclone – 

  • Dow dropping more than 500 points during Monday’s session
  • Nasdaq, S&P 500 each dropping more than 1.4% on the day
  • Frustrations mounting over Covid-19 vaccination distribution

We’re Watching: Upward trends in targeted market areas –

  • Still taking profits before pushing ourselves into a loss
  • Not fearing the future, but acting with what is now
  • Plays in: SPX, QCOM, upcoming earnings runs