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There is a great deal of history behind Labor Day (not just barbecues and ball games) that relates well with traders.

For almost 140 years, the holiday has been celebrated as a reminder about how our laborers have achieved great accomplishments. This includes providing more opportunity for more people in our country.

At the heart of Labor Day there is also the idea of working fewer hours while earning more. This fits well with the mindset and goals of many retail traders.

Our team members can’t count how many times we have heard from traders, “Wow! I wish I had found Simpler Trading sooner,” so they could pursue an opportunity to accomplish more in life and trading.

Since the beginning, when founder John Carter started sharing his ideas between feeding his fish and trading options, our goal has been to help others trade more profitably.

This week’s “Friday Feature” highlights our online system for training traders.

At Simpler Trading, there is nothing more valuable than supporting our people – even in volatile markets. 

Every trader we know follows an established trading plan backed by training, strategies, and tools. Over the years we’ve developed a central place for traders to access training.

For those wanting to learn more about trading without any commitment…

Try our “Free Goods” section that includes various newsletters, daily videos, blog, articles, and Simpler Tech. This section provides information that allows traders to learn about what we do and who we are with no obligation.

For traders who want to take their journey to the next level, we have veteran traders who deliver standard-setting training backed by innovative strategies, tools, and years of experience.

We believe traders excel to higher levels of success when part of a community of like-minded people. That’s why we keep improving and expanding our trading memberships that complement courses and indicators developed for all skill levels.

Combining proven tools with our ongoing “live-trading” opportunities is the key, in our humble opinion, to better trading. This is where our traders can uncover trade possibilities while accelerating trading profitability.

For members, there’s also the “Help Center” (under “Dashboard”) with descriptions and details covering a wide range of topics.

For this Labor Day, we’ve put together a select group of products with a special discount. Just use code “SUMMER” at checkout to enjoy the savings and opportunity to connect with our traders.

Why labor away in the markets by yourself when you have Simpler Trading?

We Saw: Mixed, choppy market after jobs report falls well short –

  • Inflation creeping higher in key goods, services
  • Reports of more people quitting jobs
  • Politicians fire up blame game for weak jobs numbers

We’re Watching: How September rolls out following holiday weekend –

  • Which, if any, upcoming IPOs will make a splash this fall?
  • Will disappointing jobs report spur market pullback?
  • Enjoying the holiday weekend with market closed Monday