Take Market Gains For Cash Position


Simpler Trading Team

Mar 24th 2020  .  2 min read

Dow spikes back above 20k, oh what a day trading!

But don’t get married to the sudden updraft.

There’s more potential for a bottom based on history during a market collapse.

This sudden spike resembles ticker activity and technical support measurements that happened during the 2009 market recovery.

Simpler Trading moderators are wary of a short reprieve to the upside before markets sell off again.

With a 2,100+ point spike (more than 11%) Tuesday, Simpler’s traders followed a focused strategy… take the money and run.

Trade setups taken were set to enter, take gains, and exit with money in hand.

Nightly position consensus remains: enjoy the day trading in this volatility if you can and stay flat in cash overnight.

Long-term expectations are a market that returns to normal, for lack of a better term, but there are many unknowns that could come into play.

Buckle up, traders, this bear market is rumbling along.

We Saw: hints at getting the country back to work — 

  • Movement to the upside for fast day trading
  • Another history marker: Dow posted best session since 1933
  • Talk of a stimulus package, but no final settlement

We’re Watching: … for quick entries and planned exits —

  • Is positive spike a short reprieve?
  • Are AMZN and AAPL bigger bears?
  • Stock check: DOCU, TDOC, JD, ZM

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