Structure Your Day Like A Billionaire


Simpler Trading Team

2 min read

Traders face an unlimited number of decisions each day as they manage all the data streaming in from the stock market.

Such mental gymnastics can take a toll on a person both mentally and physically.

So how can you structure your day to boost your wellness?

Follow the lead of a billionaire.

Trading has its advantages and one is the connection that John Carter (Simpler Trading founder) has with Sir Richard Branson (the pioneering entrepreneur and billionaire).

Branson has for years followed a daily structure to maintain his mental and physical energy. It boosts his effectiveness in life and business.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn from a billionaire how to operate at your true potential, escape mental traps of fear and greed, and make more money?

Here are some takeaways from the billionaire’s routine:

  • Exercise – improves physical state and boosts energy throughout the day; try for some exercise morning and evening
  • Break Time –  take a mental break midday or early afternoon just to relax
  • Disappear – avoid extended “hello” and “goodbye” conversations during office gatherings or meetings; when it’s over, just disappear
  • Cut The Cord – don’t be preoccupied with the last person, project, or conversation (and certainly not the last trade)
  • Protect Energy – don’t let stress get to you and don’t burn energy on nonessential issues; don’t get sucked into anything

These daily practices will also help with focusing on the bigger picture in life and trading.

Don’t think about the fastest or cheapest way to get something done. Instead, think about the most amazing way to accomplish the next task.

Focus on others – family, fellow traders, customers – and helping them have a better experience during the task at hand.

The experiences of life and trading will come with failure. It’s natural and should be expected.

Strive to look at any setback as a learning experience. Enjoy trying different things to see if they work.

You won’t know until you try.

We Saw: Unexpected job gains sparking a skyrocketing rally – 

  • Job spikes in leisure/hospitality, construction, and food services
  • Sharp contrast to previous unemployment prediction of 20%
  • First 1,000 point spike in Dow since April

We’re Watching: … if expectations of a “V” recovery will hold –

  • Hedges floating away in the wind
  • Indexes spiking to positive levels
  • Any best buy opportunity