Stocks Can’t Rise Forever… You Prepared?


Simpler Trading Team

Aug 20th 2021  .  3 min read

One thing is certain in this choppy market… stocks can’t go straight up forever.

Remember, the market takes the stairs up and the elevator down. Stocks can fall about three times faster than they rise.

This begs the question, “Are you prepared for the next big move?”

Because now’s the time to get ready (and position your portfolio accordingly). 

Timing is key (being too early on a big move can be worse than too late).

At Simpler Trading, we work on being prepared every market session.

One of the best solutions to being prepared is the focus of this week’s “Friday Feature.”

At Simpler Trading, there is nothing more valuable than supporting our people – our biggest asset. 

This week’s highlight of the newsletter features a strategy and tool our traders use to make an impact in their trading lifestyle.

Every day in our online trading chat rooms our traders are live-trading during market hours working with their own accounts. The setups they choose directly affect their personal bottom line.

John Carter, Founder of Simpler Trading, paved the way for this entire community. He has made big profits in the stock market, he shares his balance sheet (from his trading accounts), and he’s made multiple million-dollar trades over the last decade. That includes four trades of more than a million dollars this year – in a matter of months.

John and the team of traders at Simpler readily explain how they apply the strategies, tools, and live setups that deliver winning (and, yes, losing) trades.

One of the biggest advances since the start of Simpler Trading is the new Ready. Aim. Fire!® system. It has been a breakthrough for openly sharing how to trade profitably in even the most turbulent stock market environment (like most this year and last).

Ready. Aim. Fire!® is the strategy and tool that allowed John to “go big” and bank his largest single trade ever – a $3.75 million move in a popular tech stock (yes, during an uncertain, volatile market).

John shares how this is literally the biggest breakthrough he’s had in 30+ years and he believes everyone needs to know about it.

This breakthrough strategy and tool combination has pushed trading to a new level of believing in what is possible in trading (for John and many members applying Ready. Aim. Fire!®). This system has allowed John to shatter all past mental profit limits.

Like that multi-million dollar home run…

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