Still Time To Advance Your Trading Skills


Simpler Trading Team

3 min read

So much has happened in the market, and society, this year and trading has been challenging.

This volatile environment appears to be the norm through the end of the year. Indexes and stocks are highly extended, economic stimulus is in limbo, a crazy presidential election looms, and every day seems to bring more unsettling civil and economic news.

And yet, the market today saw the S&P 500 rise to its best September in 10 years, key stocks surged by double-digits, and the Dow and Nasdaq both spiked for a run to the end of the year.

Who knows how the market will react to a significant change in any one factor — negative or positive?

Has anyone solved this trading puzzle in such a crazy trading world?

While there is no absolute solution, Simpler’s traders have overcome the challenges so far. To date, Simpler’s traders have surpassed their account goals for the year and there are four months left full of opportunity.

John Carter, founder of Simpler Trading, today closed another seven-figure TSLA trade (fifth this year). His year-to-date profits in TSLA alone are over $12.8 million.

Our mastery memberships and course classes are seeing stellar results from our team of traders.

Something we firmly believe in at Simpler Trading is — don’t trade alone.

All of our traders have learned from others who came before them and all of our traders are focused on advancing their skills by learning from fellow traders. Yes, John Carter will share how he is always learning about trading — even with FIVE 7-figure trades so far this year.

What are you doing to advance your trading skills?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Find a mentor and/or group of like-minded traders
  • Ask questions, share ideas, learn from the success of others
  • Develop a trading plan that fits your goals and your trading style
  • Manage risk, control position sizing
  • Enjoy letting “hot” trades pass you by as you focus on trades that are winners for you

There is still time this year to learn and grow as a trader. And, we expect, market volatility will continue to present profitable opportunities for traders ready to follow the moves and take the winners.

As this market progresses, keep in mind the consensus of our traders who are bearish bulls — running with the rally (don’t fight the trend), but cautious of the continuous upward spike that could be followed by a sharp spiral down.

We Saw: market racing higher to kick off the month — 

  • Best September open in a decade for S&P 500
  • Whirlwind of session highs for tickers across the board
  • Caution as market becomes further extended

We’re Watching: for the market to continue bullish —

  • Staying with the tech-loving trend to the upside
  • How to avoid lackluster stocks in a tech bubble
  • Setups in: CRM, AMZN, AAPL, ZM, FB, GOOGL

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