‘Squeeze’ Adds Spark To Face Wild Market


Simpler Trading Team

Jul 07th 2021  .  3 min read

Need a boost as you face off against this volatile market?

How about a “squeeze” to add an edge to your trading plan?

Simpler’s traders have navigated the past two decades – including the historic pandemic economic downturn and market collapse – using a long-standing trading tool.

The “squeeze” is the keystone indicator used by John Carter, founder of Simpler Trading, and traders across the Simpler team. The versatility of this trading tool extends to futures, stocks, and options… and it can be used for position, swing, and day trading.

The original TTM Squeeze Indicator has undergone various improvements over the years, but has always remained as the cornerstone for trading the Simpler way.

Like all tools, there is no guarantee of success using the squeeze indicator. Based on 17 years of performance, evaluation, and added improvements, the squeeze has delivered a win rate that has far exceeded expectations. (It’s the core of John’s multiple, seven-figure trades in the last year.)

The squeeze works because it reveals and helps traders target pinpoint moments in time where price is showing a greater than expected move. And, the squeeze complements other trading tools and strategies while working on multiple computer trading platforms.

Traders searching to add a spark to their trading plan can incorporate the squeeze to develop a renewed commitment and higher level of confidence within this wild market. Commitment and confidence can guide traders to:

  • Avoid risk (fewer bad trades)
  • Trade to win (don’t have to be right all the time)
  • Maximize profits (get in, get out… next)
  • Ditch negatives (kill the fear of missing out – FOMO)
  • Market sense (know specific skills to create income)

Regardless of your “status” as a trader – new, part-time, full-time, seasoned – the squeeze offers a spark to transform your trading efforts. As John and the Simpler team have shown, traders can turn a small investment into a large capital asset.

So, are you ready for a little “squeeze” and implement the building block indicator designed to avoid risk, target entry and exit points, and maximize rewards?

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