Six Million-Dollar Winners In A Crazy Year


Simpler Trading Team

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November closed with a fizzle and December opened with a spark as the market continues its wild run into the end of the year.

The market has been anything but predictable – choppy, crazy, wild, and uncertain are better descriptions. Traders have worked hard to find trades with limited risk, clear direction, and strong momentum that don’t cause midnight panic attacks.

So how did John Carter, founder of Simpler Trading, have his best year ever and add $17 million to his bottom line?

This includes SIX trades of a million dollars or better. When tickers sold off on the last day of the month (despite a record-setting November overall) John was in the thick of the market mayhem.

He recorded his second largest trade ever – $3.5 million in TSLA on the final day of November. (He also added $6,500 in a small account used to teach newer traders.)

What helped John take this winning trade was innovative, breakthrough strategies and tools developed internally at Simpler by a team of dedicated professionals. Combine this with decades of experience identifying and executing trades, and it’s a formula for consistent profitability during a violently volatile year.

And, as with all trading which involves risk, John muscled up a high level of trading gumption to jump into what he saw as a significant opportunity.

There is another silver lining to this wild year that took place along with John’s repeated million-dollar wins.

At one point John’s long-standing computer trading platform crashed. He was forced to nimbly switch to his alternate platform in the middle of a million-dollar TSLA trade to monitor how the ticker was moving. Without this backup, he may have missed closing out the big win.

That was enough of a real-time scare to prompt John to begin moving his main trade execution and tools to this alternate platform.

How important is this transition?

So important that John is partnering with the founder of the platform for a free webinar next week to explain this new direction and how it can benefit Simpler traders.

Watch for details in upcoming Simpler Insights editions on how to grab a seat at this webinar.

We Saw: A spark in the market for a rally to open December – 

  • Strength in the overall market and key sectors
  • FAANG stocks flexing some positive muscle
  • S&P 500 closing at a record high

We’re Watching: Weekly charts for longer-term plays –

  • FAANG pattern to play one, not all
  • Closely follow what works, not stretch limits
  • Setups in: AAPL, TSLA, HD, PTON, NVDA