Powerful Trading Tool Signals Hidden Trades


Simpler Trading Team

2 min read

Traders who have put this tool to work in their trading plans have discovered hidden market moves they previously missed. 

This breakthrough tool enables Simpler’s traders to uncover setups across a broader range of price and timing. John Carter, Founder of Simpler Trading, uncovered multiple seven-figure setups in Tesla, bonds, metals, and Google. His Google trade this year generated $5 million, which was John’s largest winning trade ever.

What is this tool and why is it so powerful?

This new, “go-to” tool for John and the Simpler team is the Multi-Squeeze Pro. This tool helps traders discover often missed trades and track setups across all 18 time frames.

Squeezes don’t always have time to form on the daily and weekly charts in a fast-moving market. The Multi-Squeeze Pro reveals more time-sensitive details by allowing traders to drill down from the monthly chart to the smallest intraday time frame – at a glance. Setups are quickly revealed on charts.

When squeezes line up in multiple time frames, Multi-Squeeze Pro signals that a trade could be forming. This is especially advantageous in a volatile market where hidden squeezes can be missed easily.

The Multi-Squeeze Pro enables Simpler’s traders to have the right information available at the right time. That allows them to make better-informed decisions. Being able to identify squeeze setups across all 18 time frames helps traders find explosive moves as they begin to gain energy.

The Multi-Squeeze Pro is designed for traders who want to identify intraday or swing trade setups.

Regardless of how you trade, or how long you have traded, doesn’t it make sense to have accurate, timely information available to make the best trading decisions?

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