Plan Exits With Well-Timed Entries


Simpler Trading Team

Oct 11th 2021  .  2 min read

Simpler’s Traders know that positive-outcome trades begin with serious attention to entries and exits.

As traders watch the tides roll in and out daily, now is when entries for shorts, or even the long-put setups, must sync up with the ebb and flow of the market.

This is a time to watch for opportunities that could catch the lift and drop in this choppy market – while avoiding getting capsized.

Simpler’s traders know that when the market falls it does so rather quickly. Traders are keeping the indices on the radar. The Dow is taking some hard licks – and the Nasdaq, maybe even a few more.

These aren’t uncharted waters.

Traders don’t anticipate the market will go anywhere it hasn’t gone before. By looking out for patterns from the historical data and trends, traders have a fair idea of what to anticipate. This market is setting up like a time to roll with the tide rather than trying to sail into chop (don’t fight the move).

This environment presents an opportunity to find oversold buys for trade entries. Simpler’s traders are watching for key indicators in their technicals that could signal opportunities. By looking for the compression of momentum that signals timely support or resistance, traders can find setups even as this market tries to decide a long-term direction.

Strategizing opportunities to short the market presents opportunities for potential trades. (Be cautious in any short trades). Our traders are also strategizing puts and put-credit spreads to fish for returns in this fluctuating market – and possibly even some long calls.

Finding opportunities with technicals and charting tools enables traders to search for strong setups. When Simpler’s traders see the signals, they watch for the indicators to verify their setup criteria.

Simpler’s traders are constantly searching for potential trades that can keep them from missing that “rising tide.

Now is not the time to make trades based on instinct or hunches. Plot a course that sails with this market and stay the course.

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